You are getting sleepy

I love sitting by Rachel in class. She is one of the sweetest people I know, but that’s not why I sit by her. The real reason is more evil and selfish. Rachel is free entertainment. She sits there in lecture, alert and paying attention while taking notes. But if you watch carefully, you’ll notice that her eyelids start to shut, ever so slightly. Within a minute, they stay shut for seconds at a time, which signals the start of the fun phase of "class with Rachel"  – the head tilting. Her head usually tilts to the right the first time, and she doesn’t react too strongly, she just straightens back up and will be alert for almost a full thirty seconds. But then the left side of her brain starts feeling heavy, and her head will tilt over to that side. This startles her, and she will quickly straighten her head up and glance around to see if anyone noticed. Danielle and I are always looking forward at this point, trying our best to play it cool. We know that within seconds, Rachel’s eyes will be closed again. When they do close, her head usually tilts backwards. This really scares Rachel, so she jerks her head forward and slaps her arms down on her desk to "catch" herself. She then looks over at Danielle and me, smiles, and says, "Was I falling asleep?" Sometimes we say we didn’t notice, but at other times, we can’t stop from laughing. I’ve never really understood falling asleep in class or while studying because unless I am extremely sleep deprived, this is never a problem for me. I think that karma has caught up with me for giving Rachel a hard time because over the last few days, every time I start studying for my HESI (which is tomorrow), I go through the exact same head tilting ritual. And it is not as fun as it looks! I actually fell asleep today after getting through less than a page in my book. I woke up and looked at the clock and almost had a panic attack, thinking that I was waking up tomorrow morning and that I had slept through my exam. I called Rachel to inform her that she was contagious, and she laughed and explained that her constant falling asleep during lectures or while studying is a classically conditioned response. It looks like you’re at least ready for the psych section tomorrow Rachel!

4 thoughts on “You are getting sleepy

  1. Man oh man, I want to keep reading, but I\’M starting to do a head tilllll…………..I\’M AWAKE!  But I\’ve GOT to go to bed…  I LOVED the Mike quotes–those will take some time to work off… lol

  2. Good luck on your HESI!!!! We do the same sort of thing but my school uses a different company so we get to take ERI\’s. We have to do one per class per semester, so I totally sympathize.

  3. Lol wow thats great.. i havn\’t had quite that yet.. but i have felt at
    times my head starting to feel realy heavy lol that must ahve been fun
    to watch

  4. I have actually bruised my forehead because I bumped the computer monitor while nodding off falling asleep… ouchie!

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