It’s about time!

Something amazing happened at clinicals: I learned a skill! Before you get too excited and start thinking that my school finally got its act together, let me explain. My patient was a girl with spina bifida. Her mother has become an expert at her care, and catheterizes her every few hours. I’ve been in nursing school for nine months, but have never put in a catheter (or even seen one done on an actual person). I asked the mother if she was ok with me watching her cath her daughter, and she not only agreed, but actually took the time to explain to me exactly what she was doing. She then taught me all about her daughter’s different health conditions and how to best take care of each one. I was in awe over how much this woman knew, and at how dedicated she was to taking care of her beautiful little girl.

6 thoughts on “It’s about time!

  1. You will learn more in your first three months out of school than you did the entire time you were in.  Your confidence in nursing "skills" will blossom once you start your first RN position – I promise!
    I am happy that you had such an interesting patient and such a knowledgable mother!  I am sure it was an excellent experience!

  2. Here\’s my first comment on your site! 🙂
    I\’m glad that you were finally able to learn some valuable information…I can\’t say that I\’m surprised at who you learned it from (or who you DIDN\’T learn it from!).  That\’s all I\’ll say about that…
    Good luck on your test tomorrow!  I\’m sure you\’ll blow most out of the water — just remember those test-taking strategies! 🙂
    I\’ll call you to confirm my identity.  I\’d hate to start getting more sour looks than I already do…and we both know I can\’t afford any more trouble than I\’ve already gotten into!!  Haha…

  3. Just get through that school.  Then the real learning begins.  Jennifer is right!  You will learn more when you actually start nursing.  Good luck!
    : ) Sue

  4. I had a client that was in her early 20s and had Cystic Fibrosis and she taught me alot about her disease and so forth. It is an amazing feeling to have someone like she was because she was so willing to answer my questions and full of knowledge. She also was in the medical field so that made it even better. Just remeber on cath care most infections like UTIs are acquired in the hospital and so easily prevented.

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