Josh, our hero

You know that wonderful feeling you get when you pull into the parking garage and the perfect spot is available? It’s amazing how quickly that feeling goes away when you get out of your car and realize that you are in a handicap parking spot. You start feeling even worse when you get back into your car to move it out of the handicap spot and realize that your car is dead. This is how Rachel and I started our day today after her car’s starter picked the perfect moment to break.
Thankfully, Rachel’s car didn’t get a ticket and after clinicals, Josh agreed to help us start her car. Because it is a stick shift, Josh was able to put it in neutral, roll it backwards down the parking garage incline (which required us to stop oncoming traffic), and start it. We just couldn’t turn it off because if we did, it wouldn’t start up again. We were all cheering for Josh, our new hero, for figuring out how to start the car when Josh said, "Rachel, I need in your trunk to get my backpack." Rachel’s trunk only opens with the key, which happened to be in the ignition, which needed to stay in the on position. Men!

In other news, I have decided to accept Nick Lachey’s marriage proposal, just as soon as he realizes that he is in love with me. If any of you happen to know him or run into him, I would appreciate you letting him know this fact, because it might help speed things along (him finding out that I exist is probably a good starting point.)


6 thoughts on “Josh, our hero

  1. Hi Katie,
    You always make me smile with your stories. Skitzo is one  hilarious cat! I agree with Trisha on what she said about you and nursing, you are going to be GREAT. Two of my classes in the fall are online, nutrition and ethical practice. I learned to send homework "receipt requested" from my past online courses..but this one teacher "forgot" which email she gave us to send them too. She couldn\’t figure out why no one did their work…bless her heart, she\’s retiring this summer. Her creative explanation was simply "oops."  🙂
    You are almost done! Wow..!

  2. Blondie keeps up on that stuff, so if I hear Nick is going to be near I\’ll sound the alarms!  And I should say congratulations.  He\’s quite a catch. 
    : )  Sue

  3. hahaha you would think that actually meeting the guy would help but hey there are still arranged marrages these days… so you never know!
    I\’m going to stick with automatic cars, too much to learn with manual cars… hahaha oh it doesn\’t help that i\’m lazy and one legged??!?! i\’m just kidding… i have two. :o)

  4. I must ask….How does Mike feel about you accepting Nick\’s marriage proposal? I hope he takes the news well! I would hate to see the two of them fighting it out in the tabloids…it could hurt your nursing career! Hehehehehehe!
    The key and the trunk thing does pose a problem doesn\’t it?
    I had something like that happen once…Luckly my back seats folded down to the trunk! It had been snowing for about 4 hours and my doors to my car were frozen shut…neither I nor my other employee could get the door open! Soo…I tried poping the trunk with my button on my key chain! It worked! So I crawled through the trunk, pushed the seat down and crawled up to the front! By the time I got home the car had heated up enough and I was able to open my door!

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