Skitzo vs the sprinkler

If you were betting on a fight between a living animal and a nonliving object, which would you put your money on? If you picked the living animal, you are probably right in most circumstances. Unfortunately, this is not the case when you are dealing with Skitzo, my adorable but unintelligent cat.
Yesterday, I was combing Skitzo outside and like always, he became angry and annoyed that he was being combed. When either of my cats get angry, they attack whatever is near them- a chair, my leg, the other cat, etc. The sprinkler is what happened to be closest to Skitzo while I was combing him yesterday.


With his ears pointed straight back, Skitzo walked up to the sprinkler. He sat down next to it and held out his paw, warning the sprinkler that it was going to get smacked if it didn’t move out of his way. The sprinkler held its ground and did not cave under the pressure. Skitzo smacked the rotating part of the sprinkler, causing it to move away from him. "Take that!!" Skitzo was probably thinking. A second later, the other side of the sprinkler rotated around and tapped Skitzo on his back. Skizto jumped into the air and let out a shriek, then ran away from the sprinkler, defeated.
Stay tuned for Skitzo vs the kitchen wall…

12 thoughts on “Skitzo vs the sprinkler

  1. So dam funny.  I don\’t have a yard so I don\’t get to see this.  
    I\’ve not been here for a while.  BTW, Miss Jones got a boyfriend 🙂

  2. I\’m lovin\’ the mom of three getting a lecture!  lol  The only justice will be when you\’re an old married woman on MIKE\’S fourth baby and the non-Mommy student nurses come along to "teach" YOU how to do all of that.  I would give a lot to see the grinning expression on your face as you remember this day.  🙂
    I have always been a girly-girl…  no frogs or toads for me!  Although I did get adventurous once upon a time and open up our water/sewer meter cover with my sisters to check out if the baby garden snakes had been born yet…  *sigh*  It still makes me squeamish!!  lol

  3. LOL, poor Skitzo.
    Our cat is weird like that too, it no longer surprises me with what she gets into.
    Have a great one & Happy Tuesday. =)

  4. Very amusing! This kind of funny stuff never happens to me. Maybe I need to get a cat! 
    I can picture skitzo attacking he sprinkler and then being attacked himself in return! So funny!
    I agree with you and the Lipo. I have tried to tell her that Lipo is not perment and she will still need to work out and be healthy. If she is not able to do this now then why spend the money? She is bent on the lipo! A tummy tuck would be better for her but costs more and she is worried more about the size of her butt and thighs more than her tummy!
    I just hate to see her waste her money on this when it will just come back and maybe even worse as you have stated if she does not change her ways now!
    Oh well…Im the little sister who knows nothing!

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