A little awkward?

Danielle and I were given the chance to work with the same patient on the mother/baby unit today. The woman we were assigned to was an adorable mother of three who had just given birth to a baby girl. Neither Danielle nor I have any children. We were told to go do patient teaching with the mother, which included instructions on breast feeding, bathing her infant, self-care, etc. As I mentioned before, this was the woman’s third child. Danielle and I watched a quick video two months ago on giving a baby a bath, and read in our book about all of the self care stuff a month and a half ago. Let’s think about this one- she’s been through it twice, we both read about it awhile ago- she could have taught us! I understand the importance of teaching our patients how to take care of themselves, but when we really have no idea what we are talking about, it is slightly uncomfortable. Thankfully, the woman was wonderful with a good sense of humor, and she let us stumble our way through our teaching. When Mike has our babies in the future, I hope he is just as nice to any student nurses he may come across.

4 thoughts on “A little awkward?

  1. LMAO!  Once you\’ve had a baby or two, you know the ropes.  Nice of her walk you through it a bit.  Once Mike has your babies, his motherly instincts will kick in and he\’ll be nice.
    Thanks for the instructions!  They were great.  I\’m still working with it and will have it mastered soon I hope!
    : ) Sue

  2. You must have seen that Sonic commercial, huh? It has a man dreaming of his wife giving birth to their son…Then the woman dreaming the HUSBAND going through labor. SO FUNNY!!

  3. Carrie….i was just going to mention that commercial… the first time i watched it i was laughing so hard i didn\’t even know it was a commercial….. I just love it when he\’s screaming and saying this is all your fault…. hahahahahahahaha waaaaaaay too funny…
    oh katie… i love your stories…. any day now isn\’t it and school\’s over?

  4. Awkward? I just finished a simulation lab with a robotic baby. This was supposed to help us identify our learning needs. We were paired up with another student and had to perform our "skills" while two instructors stared at us, and two other students critiqued us to find our mistakes. Apparently, I have learned nothing about babies and crying mothers during my first year of nursing.  During my check-off, I was to figure out why the dummy baby was crying (this baby is thousands of dollars – it has vitals) and I had to place an oxygen mask on it so that the sats were above 90%. You\’re thinking that\’s easy, right? Well… I\’ve never used a face mask, I\’ve only used a nasal cannula and it\’s always been on the patient so I never actually turned on one. While being stared at, I thought how cool I was – placing the mask on the dummy baby\’s face – then I turned the thing to the correct liter. I never realized that by dialing the knob, I was turning ON the oxygen. Instead, me,  the cool nurse, started punching this little green square on the wall…thinking I was turning on the oxygen when all I was doing was punching the little decal that had the name of the company who designed the oxygen thingy! Am I an idiot? Not only did I do that wrong, I should have turned the oxygen on first, THEN placed the mask on the dummy baby. I suffocated the dummy baby. I kept looking down at it thinking how much it reminded me of that movie with the Chuckie doll?? And all I wanted to do was throw the doll on the floor and run away. I passed my check-off because I announced that I would call respiratory therapy to do a treatment for the crackles I heard. One thing I have learned in my first year is that I do not want to work with dummy babies!!!!! 

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