And the award goes to…

~ The award for knowing exactly what a woman wants to hear: Mike, for saying, "I wrote ‘Do something romantic for Katie’ on my to-do list, but it hasn’t been crossed off yet." Did he get his dating advice from Josh?
~ The award for smoothly avoiding the question: Danielle, for her creative answer when her instructor was showing how to give a shot in the hip for the first time. The patient (who was about to get the shot) asked her, "You’ve never done this before, have you?" Danielle quickly replied, "She’s showing me a new way to give this shot." I guess if you’ve never done it before, it is definitely a new way, right?
~ The award for the most creative (and disgusting) solution to a problem: Isis, for sitting with her feet out in front of her and dragging herself across the floor when a piece of poop became stuck to her tail. It was hilarious, until I saw the wonderful trail it left behind her.
~ The award for the stupidest question (yes, there is such a thing): my little brother’s friend, who asked, "Can blind people cry?"
~ The award for best decision making: Me, after spending two days in OB, for deciding that Mike will be the one who has our babies, and after watching a circumcision, deciding that we will only be having baby girls.  

7 thoughts on “And the award goes to…

  1. I totally agree with the having girls thing.  Girls are more fun for one.  I have sat in on many, many different procedures and surgeries, but when I saw hubby begin a circ on a baby boy I hit the floor. LOL.  Only procedure I can\’t handle so far!  I was sick the rest of the day. 
    : ) Sue

  2. Hey Katie..Haven\’t been here in a while. Your writing is as funny as ever.. I love to hear your stories..

  3. These are too funny!  "do something romantic for Katie"  That\’s too much!  I\’d keep him away from Josh for now on.  LMAO  😀

  4. My cat, Bear (a female) was running through the house one night. I thought at first she was playing with our male cat, Dreamer. She wasn\’t. Apparently, she had swallowed a piece of my hair…So when she pooped, (part of) it came out too. The rest, was still …well…uh…STUCK. She had a pice of poop,stuck on the end of the hair, CHASING her around the room!!! I had to actually PULL the offending "product" and piece of hair from her. You HAVE heard of the "Pucker Factor" right? Well, hers was OFF THE SCALE right then. OMG!! I never laughed so hard!!

  5. And the final award…..MOST HILAROUS WRITING: Katie..Confessions of a student nurse. Tonight Katie is wearing a stunning two piece scrub outfit that attracts bodily fluids!
    This weekend while out riding one of our new horses…he pooped. Not surprising for a horse…but quickly afterward he turned himself around…and I could not stop him from eating his own poop. I yanked on the reins, I kicked him with my spurs, he reared up on me and I gave up and gave in to letting him eat his poop. Why you may ask do horses eat their poop…to get the oats that don\’t digest out!

  6. It never fails —- your procedure stories always remind me why I live my days in the cubicle world of a high rise office building.  🙂

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