(fill name in blank) was a great student!

At the end of each week of clinicals, we have to fill out a
self evaluation. I spent about forty-five minutes working on mine last night, and
then posted it for my teacher to read and comment on. Between classes today I
checked my email and saw that my instructor had replied. I have heard from my
classmates that this instructor likes leaving negative comments, so I nervously
read through her response. This is what she wrote:

Katie came to clinical prepared with teaching plan and medication module
completed and demonstrated knowledge of meds to be administered. Great start
this week to identifying patient problems and formulating prioritized nursing
diagnoses accordingly. Katie was professional in all her interactions with
patients, staff, and peers. Documentation was thorough and accurate.
Demonstrated competency in performing a newborn and postpartum assessment. I
appreciate your enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. Your patients appreciate you
taking the time to teach them and explain self care as well as newborn care to
them. Katie was satisfactory in her clinical performance this week. Keep up the
good work.

After reading this, I was shocked. Not only did she not say anything negative,
she actually said positive things! I was competent in my newborn assessment?
Great! I was competent in my postpartum (after giving birth) assessment? Well,
that would be great, except for the fact that I never had the opportunity to do
a postpartum assessment… Hmm…  Danielle sat down at the computer next
to me, so I told her to read her evaluation. She opened hers up and
surprisingly, she had the exact same evaluation. Word for word (except hers
said "Danielle" where mine said "Katie"). What?! We saw our
classmate Janet and had her read hers too. They were all identical! I was getting
a little frustrated. She at least read what I wrote in my self evaluation,
right? Most teachers comment specifically on what I write, but it’s ok if she
didn’t as long as she read the stupid thing. We compared the times our
evaluations were sent, and they were a minute apart. The woman didn’t even read
them! I’m sure she never expected to get caught, but it’s too late, we know her
little secret. I think we can use this to our advantage. Next week for our self
evaluations, one of us will write the evaluation and the rest of us will copy
and paste it as our own. I doubt that she will even notice. And if she does
notice and mentions it, we’ll just say we got the idea from her. My instructors
have taught me a lot!


11 thoughts on “(fill name in blank) was a great student!

  1. Teachers like this frustrate the living daylights out of me, and make me so happy that I have graduated and am done with that nonsense. Tara

  2. You should definitely do that girl.  How can she complain?  It would be interesting to see if she even notices!  There\’s always one you wanna scream at.
    : ) Sue

  3. Whoa… I can\’t believe that.  Kinda takes the wind outta your sails to know that she gave everyone the same eval.  I would have almost rather had a negative, yet genuine & honest, evaluation!  I agree with your plan to copy your self-evals and have everyone post the same one – word for word.  I hope she is embarrassed and turns 14 shades of red when she realizes that you guys outsmarted her!
    Hang in there!

  4. Ohhhh, how funny!  But NOT funny at the same time!  I have never been more torqued than when my instructor didn\’t read the paper that they felt *I* had the time to write (when obviously I didn\’t!!).  So you\’re on your maternity rotation–or whatever the heck they call it!!  lol  How are you liking it??

  5. Why are some instructors like this????  It drives me nuts!  Oh well, at least you caught on.  Keep us posted on how she responds to your next evaluations.  It will be interesting!!!!!!

  6. What\’s the freakin point of making you do the evaluation!?!  Some teacher\’s just shouldn\’t teach!
    I can\’t wait to hear if she notices or not!  Go for it!  😀

  7. Whoa…hmm…not sure what to make of that one.  I guess it goes back to the idea that in writing a thesis all you need to do is write the first 10 and last 10 pages and then just put blank pages inbetween because no one ever reads the entire thing, huh?

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