Looking good..

You’re hot. You made some little change (started a new diet,
switched shampoo brands, ran an extra mile at the gym), and even if no one else
can see it, you know you look good. I felt more self-confident yesterday
because of a simple little change I added to my life: I have been drinking more
water. To help me accomplish this, I bought some Crystal Light powder packets
that you add to bottled water. I drank a bottle of fruit punch flavored water
and then headed to the store. While walking around at Target, I can’t really
explain why, but I just knew I looked good. I held my head high and walked
around smiling at everyone. By the big smiles people were flashing back at me I
knew that they too could see how hot I was. After shopping, I got back in my
car and glanced in the mirror. To my horror, the Crystal Light had turned my
lips and teeth bright red. Mental note: Check reflection in mirror BEFORE
entering a public place.


12 thoughts on “Looking good..

  1. LOL  Too funny!  It is funny how something so small and simple can really boost your self confidence.  And there is nothing sexier than self confidence.  Even with a bright red mouth!  Ha!  😀

  2. Laughing…very hard right now!  OMG, I can\’t even imagine how you must have felt before and after!!!  The way you write you stories is terrific!  I remember a couple of semesters ago as soon as I got into my car I let out a little gas (i know…really gross to admit, but I held it all throughout class and was dying!!!)  anyway, a classmate knocked on my window to ask me a question……need I say more???  Now I am horrified everytime I see him, yet I laugh like a crazy person because its funny now!

  3. Oh no!!!! omg, I swear Katie, we have to be related somehow – that\’s the sort of thing that usually happens to me! (I\’ve gotten to the point where I have to consciously plan my drinks around the color of shirt and lipstick I am wearing… seriously!)

  4. How funny!  I will be sure to use your mental note… I had a similar experience with a big piece of black pepper yesterday. *yikes!*

  5. So great!  Keep drinking your water–don\’t let this one exciting
    episode stop you!  And why in the world did you post the
    MyHeritage link??  lol  I\’m 72% like Catherine
    Zeta-Jones…  Who\’da guessed???  lol

  6. Awesome! I think that\’s why I don\’t walk around feeling confident, because I\’m sure (aka paranoid) that my hair is sticking straight out from the back of my head, or I have toilet paper stuck to my shoe or something.

  7. lol, I was reading along nodding "yup she\’s right" then the ending……………..lmao, that was funny : ) Blabby

  8. Hi Katie,
    I have days like that too.  For some reason I feel healthier than normal, more virile, more attractive and I go out shopping or whatever feeling like hot shi…ummm stuff as i notice girls "checking me out".  Then i get home and realize my zipper was wide open or my hair was blown all kitty-wompus by the wind and my ego quickly deflates to its normal, diminutive size. 😦
    I hope you have fewer days like this than I do. 😉
    ArizonaDB (Dustin)

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