The joy of cats

To prevent my cats from getting hairballs, I have been trying to comb them as often as I can tolerate it (they hate being combed but seem to enjoy biting me). Surprisingly, Skitzo was being calm today and allowing me to comb him. I was excited that I wouldn’t be cleaning up any hairballs for quite some time thanks to the wonderful job I was doing when suddenly he started making funny noises. I looked to see what was going on, and realized that my stupid cat had his mouth full of some of the hair that I had just combed off of him! I pulled what I could out of his mouth, which he thanked me for by biting me right on the shin. I guess today was completely counterproductive…..


7 thoughts on “The joy of cats

  1. LOL.  I know how you feel..this happens to me all the time.  one of my cats decides to puke hairballs up in the middle of my floor from time-to-time, so I have to give her this gross looking medicine that looks like molasses.  They say to put it on their nose to "spark interest".  Well, one day I was putting it on and I sparked her interest a bit too soon.  She flinched and I got it up on her head instead.  She had a mohawk for days..HA HA. 
    The life of a cat owner…HAHA. Have a good day 🙂

  2. Get some "hairball remedy" from the pet store or buy a large container fo Vaseline.  Vaseline is much cheaper and doesn\’t stain you or the walls as badly. 🙂  Apply a small amount to the top of each of the cat\’s  front feet, rub into the fur for a few seconds.  This is important, cause he\’ll try to shake it off – rub in so there isn\’t a large glob that can be shaken off easily.  The cat will ingest the Vaseline while grooming to get rid of the gooey stuff on his paws.  It helps the hair to pass through the digestive tract instead of being puked backup.  This trick was taught to me by my vet years ago when I had a Siamese with BAD hairball problems.  her name was BARFY, if that gives you any indication.  Grease the cat every day for a week, then drop back to every other day, then every few days.  You will always have to grease the cat\’s paws a few times per week, but it will eliminate the barfing problem.  Check with your vet if  you don\’t believe me.  Ole Barfy got so used to it, she would just eat the Vaseline blob off my fingertips without coaxing or the need for applying to the cat.  I guess she knew she was gonna get it one way or the other and really hated it on her feetsies.  🙂

  3. One of my cats actually RIPS her hair out!! She\’s been doing this ever sice I got her spayed. At least she doesn\’t eat it though!! LOL

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