Forced volunteering

To graduate from my school, we
have to "volunteer." I think that forced volunteering is appropriate
for high school students and possibly even college students in some majors, but
for a group of college graduates going back for a second degree? Give me a break!
I’ve been in this program for awhile now, and have had time to accept that I
have to volunteer, and have actually completed most of my hours. But what I am
having a hard time getting over now is this ridiculous journal that they are
making us complete. I can only BS so much! Here are some examples and what I
want to put as my answers:

1. Describe what you learned
from your service.

I learned how to paint a house. I also learned how to put up siding. Most
importantly though, I learned the importance of wearing old clothes and shoes
when painting a house.
2. Take a concept from one of your courses and describe how it relates to
your volunteering.
During one of my clinical rotations, I had a patient who was severely
constipated. My classmate Danielle and I had to digitally
remove his impaction.
This experience reminds me of our service learning
because both examples involve people having things pulled out of their #@!. In
the clinical case, it is poop being removed. When it comes to service learning,
it is this flowery BS about how much we have grown as people by being forced to
3. In what ways does engaging civically have anything to do with the reason
you want to be a nurse?
Engaging civically? Is that the politically correct way of saying,
"being forced to volunteer?"  Hmm… I know from the wording of this question
that I have to say “yes” somehow… 
Engaging civically is similar to me wanting to be a nurse because as a
nurse there will be things that I do not want to do but that I will have to do
4. How was your service this
semester different than your service last semester?
Ok, now I have no idea how I am even supposed to BS on this one! What do
they want from me here? Oh, I know! It was warmer this semester than it was last semester.
5. What about your experience this semester impacted you the most?
Were you not reading carefully? I wasn’t the one impacted, the patient was!

Wow, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside after completing this journal! Don’t you


11 thoughts on “Forced volunteering

  1. Bleh. We have the same thing at our school – we had to design a service learning project, work between 16 and 20 total hours – and it had to be outcome based. And we have to use statistical analysis. Bleh. I feel your pain.

  2. LMAO!!!!! Out of all the things you\’ve warned about on your site that a student nurse to be may have to go through this one has got to be the WORSE! I absolutly HATE writing journals for any type of class! I\’m scared now!!

  3. I think it might have the impaction removal stories from dad man that thoroughly convinced Blondie that being a doctor or nurse wasn\’t for her.  LOL.  I\’d flunk on the basis of journal answers.  I\’m not PC.  You and Dr. Cara are to be commended for putting up with the crap thrown at you.  People just don\’t understand what you guys go through.

  4. Volunteering your limited free time is hard enough without actually making you do it.   I can\’t imagine that this makes for cheery volunteers… does it?

  5. forced  to volunteer???   There\’s and idiosyncrasy!  And then be forced to write about it???  Geez!  How many hours do they believe come in a day?

  6. You are so evil.  You know people can\’t resist links!  LOL.  (Beware, the tornado will be churning the streets this weekend!)

  7. \’katie the bs\’ing doesn\’t end in nursing school, soon it will be doctors patients and patients families all waiting for the flowery version of what just went down…so saying your family member is a real pain in my….fill in the blank, you say, your family member really enjoys company! and then tell one of the annoying stories in a cute way with a smile on your face!!!

  8. Oh Gross! Have you ever noticed that some people\’s car\’s sound like they have impacted gas? Makes you wonder what is up there don\’t it?

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