Do you ever read the fine print at the bottom of the screen during commercials? Normally, alcohol commercials have something along the lines of "enjoy responsibly" or "please drink in moderation." I expect these warnings and understand their purpose. However, while watching TV today, I saw an ad for Hershey’s dark chocolate. Across the bottom of the screen it said, "Enjoy in moderation." What? Chocolate in moderation? That’s craziness!!

10 thoughts on “Moderation?

  1. Absolute entertainment!!!  I love your blog!  Here I am feeling low and sad, and presto!  Instant mood change!  Thanks!  I read you last three posts and am still laughing over the bug dance!  I\’ve done it too!!!!  Ha ha!  And, what is your instructor thinking???  Is she not affected by the huge surge in gasoline prices???  It is $2.81 here!!  Oh yeah, she is getting rich by the psych industry!!!  Ha haa!!!  And, lastly, yes, those fine printed messages at the bottom of medication ads are a riot!  Have a great week !!

  2. OMGAH!! who would of thunk that they would do that to our dear friend mr. chocolate?? Oh i luvs cadbury…. hahahaha sorry has nothing to do with hershey\’s i was just thinking about my precious mini eggs… mmmmmmmm mini eggs!!!

  3. It makes one wonder if the moderation thing in the chocolate thing was purely for advertising- or if it has a real meaning. After all- caffeine (sp?) is quite a potent  (yet legal) type of drug- with some interesting (side) effects.
    But by far one of the better legal things one can consume would happen to be a Sobe beverage- some of them give quite the effect. Almost like GNC stuff in a fruit beverage.

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