Ungrateful and difficult? Me?!

As many of you who read my blog know, I am not very impressed by my school. We have a high pass rate on the NCLEX, but we also probably have a high admittance rate at the local psych hospitals for students who have been driven to insanity. I actually think that my new clinical instructor is paid by the local psychiatric hospitals to bring in more patients. She must be rich by now. Last week she pushed us almost to our breaking point. While we were teetering on the edge of sanity, she brought up our plans for this week. She mentioned how we needed to drive out to a low-income school located forty minutes from where we all live. We would show up on Tuesday and teach them about "personal safety." On Wednesday, we would drive all the way back out there and meet for lunch for our post conference. Instantly, in all of our poor college student minds, we realized that it is ridiculous to drive all the way back out to the area just to meet for lunch. Couldn’t we meet for lunch after teaching on Tuesday? Or even meet for lunch closer to where we live on Wednesday? We suggested this to her, and she responded with, "Well, then, when would you do the surveys?" What surveys? She had never mentioned surveys before. She went into detail about these surveys we were supposed to do (this is how she told us about everything- randomly whenever she thought about it). We realized that we could do those surveys on Tuesday after teaching at the school. This would save us from driving out there twice, and we all prefer getting everything done all at once anyway. Her response to this? "Well, if you do it Tuesday, how are you going to get the banner?" What banner?! Oh, our school banner we are supposed to get from a woman who just happens to be out of the office until Wednesday. Hmm… could you have brought this stupid banner thing up before?! This type of randomly throwing out additional requirements went on for a few more minutes. Us brilliant students kept coming up with ways to work out every problem she threw at us, until she finally said, "You students are so ungrateful and are treating this class like it’s a joke!! I forgot how much I hate working with you difficult Accelerated students!" Us? Difficult? Yes. I agree. But treating her class like a joke because we aren’t willing to spend $2.70 a gallon to drive to the middle of nowhere just for lunch? Hand me those admission papers, I think my instructor just made some more commission at the psych hospital…..

14 thoughts on “Ungrateful and difficult? Me?!

  1. Whoa!!!! Sounds like someone *cough* your instructor *cough* has some issues!! Please tell me you guys get to fill out evaluations of the instructors and that the school takes them seriously. It sounds like she has problems communicating and coordinating a project – springing things on you, instead of explaining everything at once, is just bad form. I hope you don\’t have to deal with her for much longer. ūüė¶

  2. Oh my goodness. . .thats ridiculous!¬† Talk about a prof who has absolutely no intention of looking out for the well being of her students!¬† But at least she gave you some awesome insight for your instructor reviews. . ."our prof says she "hates accelerated students" and finds us "ungrateful"¬† I feel that her negative attitude is detrimental to my learning environment ūüôā
    I assume you have finals coming up so good luck! 

  3. That just sucks! Talk about disorganized. Maybe this instructor CAME from the mental ward herself????¬† ūüėČ

  4. Katie,
    B.S. stuff like that happened at my school of nursing too.¬† Unfortunately, we didn\’t get to evaluate our instructors until 6 months after graduation.¬† The counselor/adviser\’s office sent everyone a packet of questions re: where we were employed, how much money we made, how well the school prepared us for State Boards, etc.¬†
    There¬†weren\’t enough specific questions re:¬†our instructors on the¬†eval.¬† I had a couple of teachers who were AWFUL and one who made me want to be like her – she had so much integrity and knowledge.¬† I am sure she must\’ve had favorite students, but you would have never known it – she treated every one of us the same with the same "rules" at all times.¬† Plans never changed mid-assignment and she didn\’t add to¬†our requirements once they had been given.¬†¬†The others did that on a regular basis though. ¬†
    I didn\’t want to lump the good with the bad on the eval, so I skipped those questions altogether and wrote a letter about how Good Nursing Instructor was the only reason I stuck it out.¬† I tried to remember as many specific examples as possible to explain how she outshone the others.¬†
    I remember telling myself in school that circumstances like the one you describe is how the instructors "thicken our skin."¬† I often wondered if the instructors I didn\’t think were nice or fair were that way to prepare us for something later, like the mean people we will interact with in the future and how to constructively handle them.¬† I doubt it was the case, but it helped with my sanity.¬†
    Of course, I had calmed down significantly in 6 months time, which may have been their hope – that students wouldn\’t be completely full of hatred when they filled the evals out.¬† Also, I think they were really interested in finding out how "successful" their students became with all the questions about employment and income.
    I sympathize with you, Katie.  Do whatever you have to, to get this finished up.  Hang in there. 

  5. 2.70!  Gas is 2.99 here lol :o)  I totally understand where you are coming from with your teacher.  She seems disorganized.  Or maybe brainless. or maybe both.

  6. I think that needs to be reversed…your instructor should commit herself to the pschiatric hospital!¬† How insanely unnerving to figure out a better way to do something and to keep having wrenches thrown in.¬† Ugh.¬† I\’d be absolutely frustrated also!

  7. I understand what you are saying about how your teacher explanations things.We did student surveys on our teachers today and boy did we hammer them. Our teachers are infamous for not giving straight answers when we ask a question.And the only way that we are graded is by our tests which if you get below a 75% on the orginal test and then on the retake you are out of the program. I understand your frustration and pain!!!!

  8. I just LOVE your blog!  You are so entertaining!
    I hope they lock your instructor up in the psycho ward before the whole class ends up there.¬† Ohh..¬† but then she won\’t get paid…¬† LOL
    I hope you don\’t lose your sense of humor between those padded walls.

  9. Dr. Cara, the Idealist.¬† Like an evaluation would work.¬† That would make too much sense. ¬†I believe there are few more admits coming from¬†the east side of that place¬†soon!¬† It aint just your instructors baby.¬† hahaha.¬† Okay, I\’ll shut up now.
    Have a good evening anyway.

  10. Oh boy! Your teacher sounds like a weapon! Just remember YOU pay HER salary!¬† I dunno how ya\’ll do things in the US but up in Canada we give our teachers hell untill they start treating us a little more nicer ūüôā

  11. Ok, so have HER rent a bus to drive you all back and forth for all these days!! I wonder…Does the school hire FROM the¬† patients at the mental¬†institution also?? LOL

  12. she should be proud of you guys for problem solving so well. She had to of realized later how disorganized she was.

  13. Katie,
    I have a strong hunch who the instructor is and we warned you about her.¬† I hope you guys were able to smooth her ruffled feathers, because she slammed one of the students in our clinical group for speaking up.¬† Even gave her a Nonsatisfactory rating.¬† I sure hope your group comes out on the top of this one.¬† We just dealt with it and put it all in her evaluation.¬† I am so sorry you are having a similar experience.¬† I wouldn\’t wish it on anyone.¬†

  14. I would have not worried about being admitted into a Psyc. hospital cause I would be serving time for MURDER!
    Shaking my head and thinking…STUPID STUPID STUPID! Come on lady..use some common sense here! Geesh!

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