My dancing needs some serious medical attention

When people ask me if I can dance, I always reply with the standard, "I can only dance when I am drunk." I have recently learned that this statement makes me a liar for two reasons. First of all, when I have been drinking, I only think I can dance. I still look like an idiot, just a drunk idiot. Secondly, I have discovered that there is actually a time when I am sober and able to dance: when there is a bug on me. While lying in bed last night, I felt something crawling on my leg. I flung back the sheet and saw a small silver fish staring right at me. "Get it off!!" I screamed to my wonderful cats, who stared blankly at me. This is when the dancing queen in me took over. I jumped out of bed and performed the most unique dance ever. Can’t dance? Ha! I just need a jar of bugs with me the next time I go out. When I want to dance, I’ll drop a bug on myself. Much cheaper than alcohol, right? And probably a lot more entertaining for anyone watching…

3 thoughts on “My dancing needs some serious medical attention

  1. Blondie is broke right now, so I\’ll give her the tip on the bugs to save money on alcohol consumption. LOL.  I can just picture you doing that!  Interpretive dancing at it\’s best.
    Happy Easter!

  2. Actually, you can combine the two "Dancing Enhancers" for a more dramatic effect.  Simply drink enough often enough that you go into DT\’s and then you will think you see bugs all over you!

  3. My answer to the question "Do you dance" is generally "If you see me dancing, I\’ve had waaay too much to drink."

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