Fun with documenting

The hospitals we have our clinicals at use electronic documentation. While there are many advantages to this type of documenting, there are also some problems, especially for student nurses who tend to make a lot of mistakes. One section of the patient assessment has you enter information about the patient’s level of consciousness. This section uses the Glasgow Coma Scale, where a higher number indicates the patient is more alert. After answering all of the questions, the computer brings up a box that says, "Total score <5?" One of my classmates must have been confused by the "<" symbol, because he hit "Yes" even though his patient scored a fifteen. I can’t even imagine the panic he felt when another box popped up that said, "Begin procedures to contact Organ Transplant Team."  Oops! He started having a panic attack because he thought that the Organ Transplant team was going to show up in his patient’s room with their coolers ready to go, only to find his patient sitting in bed with a startled look on her face. It ends up that the computer does not automatically contact anybody, and that they were able to fix his little mistake. Maybe I’m evil for even thinking this, but if I were on his floor when this was going on, I would have considered asking one of the techs to walk down the hallway carrying my lunch cooler just to see the look on his face.

7 thoughts on “Fun with documenting

  1. And that would have been too funny for words… but you might have turned his panic attack into a coronary!

  2. "Contact Organ Transplant Team?" omg, I would have just died if I did that!
    The hospital I worked at back home was completely computerized – and the worst thing was all the old-school nurses had a heck of a time doing all their charting on the computer. The program was pretty user-friendly, but you had to click boxes, and enter text and save and blah blah… and many a nurse would be on the verge of tears when the program would crash after they had spent two hours trying to finish up all of their charting. 😦

  3. I hear a lot of complaints about the electronic system…. like everyday!  Seems the students are not the only ones having problems.  LOL.  The lunch box would have been great!  Hubby would have done that just for something fun to do! (BTW: He\’s decided to try some open mic stuff for now.  One member of Mark Twains Dog is a high school friend of his, so he is going to sing before them at one of their gigs.  This could get interesting!  Is your boyfriend in a band playing out and about?)
    Happy Easter Katie!

  4. Priceless!!!!  Oh what a site that would have been to see if the pseudo transplant team showed up!!!!  You are too funny!

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