When standing in a crowded elevator, it is not in your best interest to cough, then turn to the stranger next to you and say, "I’ve had this stupid flu virus for several days now. I hurt so bad I could die." That flu vaccine I got back in November had better work….

5 thoughts on “Advice

  1. Hurray for engagements for Mary Ann!  When\’s it your turn??  🙂

    I\’m a "wave" driver…  I always feel just terrible if I do
    something.  I used to *want* to be a flip-off driver, but I never
    did because, well, honestly, being Mormon had everything to do with
    it–we\’re not supposed to swear and I took that as a very serious
    challenge…  So waving started out as a joke, because I wanted to
    do something else!  lol  but now it is sincere, so I guess
    all is well.

    I hope you don\’t get sick!!!

    Oh!  And for ironing…  I\’ll have to check out the wrinkle spray stuff!  It sounds marvelous!  😀

  2. How do you respond to a stranger saying, " I have this weird rash all over my body and it itches, hope these docs can figure it out"….this is what one individual told me in the elevator during a visit to the hospital.  Yikes!!!!  How many docs has he seen already??????

  3. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    as sad as that sounds that\’s funny…. i wonder if they did that on purpose to freak you out? You know how evil people can be. Like those hidden camera shows where someone would do that to see the reaction from the person they told that too!!!
    I bet people would do that for kicks…. i couldn\’t because i\’d be laughing too hard thinking about the reaction i\’d be getting from people.
    sorry… i\’m bored but thanks for the laughs… :o) if you haven\’t had the flu by now i\’m sure you won\’t. I got my flu shot by a med student this year for the first time, she is one great needle giver i seriously never felt anything. although my arm ached shortly after for like a day. Not once yet have i been sick though, and i\’m usually always sick… wooooooooooooT! it doesn\’t help working at the medical college which is adjacent to the hospital! :o)

  4. omg how horrible! I had the flu for 2 1/2 days almost a month ago and I felt like complete crap for the first time in almost 4 years. So today when an officer came in complaining about all of her kids getting the flu and she\’s feeling really bad—why on earth would she come over and SIT BY ME??!?            DUH

  5. Katie,
    This used to happen to me all the time when i would ride the city bus in Milwaukee during graduate school.  Someone would sit next to me and procede to hack and cough all over me.  I always wondered why the sickies always chose to sit next to me. 

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