To my sister, Mary Ann….

 Sisters. One minute they are your worst enemy (I still can’t get over you throwing up on my head from the top of the stairs), the next they are your best friend. It’s amazing when you realize that you have crossed that line and you actually want to spend time with each other. When did that happen? Sharing clothes no longer puts you at risk for whatever gross disease you are sure your crazy sister has, and you no longer have to worry that you are going to be told on for every little thing. You quit teasing each other for having crushes, and begin asking the other for advice (and actually trusting what they have to say). Mary Ann, I am so fortunate to have you as my little sister, and I love you very much. Congratulations on your engagement to Mark. Although I did not arrange this engagement like I did for you and Scott when you were in second grade, I still approve. Mark is a wonderful man (and I’m not just saying that because he let me practice starting IV’s on him), and the two of you are going to have an amazing life together. Congratulations sweetie!




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