Miss know-it-all

One of my classmates happens to know more than every single teacher we have. She sits in the back and is constantly correcting or challenging what the teacher has said. She rarely says these corrections loud enough for the teacher to hear, so only her lucky classmates get to experience her vast knowledge. Last week in class we were discussing why doctors put antibiotic ointment in a newborn’s eyes. The teacher said that it is done because the mother might have a sexually transmitted disease. From the back of the room I heard Miss know-it-all say in her holier-than-thou voice, "Well, what it the woman has never had sex? She couldn’t have an STD then." Yeah, thanks for clearing that one up for us….

11 thoughts on “Miss know-it-all

  1. LMAO!!!  That was good.  You should have raised your hand and pointed out to the teacher that that particular person made the comment, and what did she think of it.   LOL.  That might shut her trap.  That is TOOOO funnyyy!

  2. LOL…that\’s funny!  I have a guy like that in my A&P class except he\’s not quiet about his freakin\’ know-it-all comments and stories.  I swear we could get out of class so much faster if he would just keep his trap shut!  No one cares…we\’re not impressed…if you want to impress the teacher wait until the break or after class for cryin\’ out loud!

  3. And that is when you know that Jesus has arrived for the second time!!!  Pregnant without having sex!

  4. Yeah, what about those immaculate conceptions?  Doctors just treat
    them like normal conceptions?  That is so unfair.  Those poor
    babies are targeted from birth as "conceived by a mother who could have
    had an STD."  They could be emotionally scarred for life. 
    Doctors should really consider that before they blindly put antibiotics
    into the eyes of all babies.

    Okay, but seriously, was she trying to be funny, or did she really not realize what she was saying?

  5. geez, how did she think the baby got there in the first place.  I\’m not sure she should be in nursing school if she can\’t figure that one out yet. :o)

  6. I am now stupier for having read that girls thoughts…I think I litterly lost brain cells on that one!
    Holy Smokes…if that girl is that ditzy I would be petrified to have her as a cashier at the gas station let alone my nurse!
    For the love of GOD!
    Thanks for the funny post and your concerns for my fall..it was quite the experience! I thought of you when I was writing my blog that day..I was going to take a picture of the step ladder, the counter and the plant all with a sign that said…BEWARE or EVIL.

  7. lmao…that one\’s one of the best dumb comments i\’ve heard in a while!! i suppose the religious scholars are gonna have to get together and re-write the bible on that one….you know, being a virgin and yet delivering a baby and all…

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