Application IQ test

While filling out my application to take the Texas NCLEX
(nursing licensing exam), I realized something interesting: the application
itself is similar to a grade-school IQ test. Here are some examples: "Affix
the check to the top left corner of the application with a paperclip."
"Staple photo to the back of the upper right corner of the first page of
the application." What happens if I accidentally use a paperclip instead
of a staple to affix my photo to the application? Or what if the paperclip and
check are on the right corner? I bet I would fail their test and they would not
allow me to take the licensing exam in Texas.
Now, I know that I can handle these simple tests. However, my school is
requiring that we fill out all of our paperwork and then turn everything in to
them so they can mail it. Hmm… the faculty at my school taking a grade-school
IQ test? I do not have confidence that they will pass. Leaving this responsibility with the people who halfway through the year sent me a letter stating I was missing an important prerequisite (they just misplaced my transcripts- no big deal, right?) is going to keep me up at night.


5 thoughts on “Application IQ test

  1. That would keep me up at night too.  I remember going thru the same thing in high school when the guidance counselors INSISTED on filing our college applications and essays.  YIKES!
    Good luck on the exam!

  2. You know what that reminds me of? A test i took in school once where it says to read through all the questions and answer them properly. Well of course the last question says please do not do any of the previous questions and put your name on the front and hand it in… ya well i suppose when it says read all questions you should actually do that… hahahahahaha very tricky those teachers!!! :o)

  3. Yeah, my MCAT stuff was the same way! "Staple here", "Don\’t breathe here", yadda yadda! I was so nervous to take the exam, the last thing I needed to worry about was making sure the photo was taped on right. yeesh!

  4. Hi Katie,
    Wanted to let you know I am actually "registered" for my nursing classes now (!) and it\’s seeming more like a reality…..Funny thing was, I\’m sitting there waiting for the woman to input my info when all these red flags come up: No trasncripts on file—No pre-requisites taken—-and she said "we can\’t register you." Talk about a sick feeling! Then the woman from the admissions office prances in and says, "(giggle-giggle) sorry about the confusion, we haven\’t put your information in the computer yet, when did you give us your transcripts?" Uh….in January when I enrolled for the math for medication class I\’m currently taking here (which was also not on record…) But it worked out and I have orientation on May 12….whew!  Your know-it-all story is funny, she may be in my psych class…she shared with everyone last week about her PID and how she could die from it and so on….uh, if she would have bothered to show up the previous weeks, we discussed those topics in class…the whole class was silent and you should have seen the look on the teachers face. Then know-it-all says,"what, IT IS a real disease." Yep, thanks for educating us…..
    Take care Nurse Katie and good luck on the exam!  

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