The classmate orchestra

As I’m sure you all know by now, I absolutely hate it when my classmates tell stories during class. I really don’t care that your third cousin’s neighbor has ADD, I don’t need to hear about it!! And once one person tells their story, that opens the door for three more people to tell a story. I’m also sure by now that you know that I love all of my classmates, they just really get on my nerves after I spend too much time with them and their stories in class.
A few of my classmates have little habits that make me want to scream. A few students raise their hand to tell a story and say, "I was just going to say…" Or if they are asking a question, they say, "I was just going to ask…" I don’t know why this drives me crazy, but I want to yell, "Say it! You don’t need to introduce your question or story- just get it out and let us get on with class so I can go home and read all 500 pages tonight!" Then there is the "I mean" girl. I mean, she is a wonderful person, but I mean, she too is guilty of telling way too many, I mean, way too many stories. If you were already frustrated, wouldn’t that drive you crazy too? Next we have the snorters. There are two girls who sit together in the front row who randomly snort. They don’t have anything in their nose at the time, so it’s not a "trying to clear the mucous and breathe" snort- it’s just a dry, loud, snort. Sometimes it really startles me when they do it.
Yesterday in class, we were getting nowhere with lecture. We were discussing psychological disorders, and each time the instructor would even mention the name of a disorder, several hands would go up and mouths would start moving. I was trying to keep myself calm when "I mean" girl started talking. I looked over at Danielle and we gave each other that, "I’m going to go crazy" look. As soon as "I mean" girl was done talking, one of the "I was just going to say" girls raised her hand, and as soon as she finished her intro, one of the snorters snorted really loud. I looked over at Danielle again and we both just started laughing. I felt really bad, but we could not control ourselves anymore. We were both holding our breath and turning purple trying to hold it in, but you reach that snapping point where you can no longer keep it to yourself. Our classmates had turned themselves into an orchestra. "I mean I mean I mean…" "I was just going to say, just going to say, just going to say…" Snort! Time to leave and go to the penny slots.

4 thoughts on “The classmate orchestra

  1. You\’d get along with Blondie. She finds most people very annoying, espeicially in class and all their stupid questions and stories! LOL.  It\’s going to be hard to keep a straight face in that class now.

  2. I have my fair share of annoying and stupid classmates too.  I know how you feel. Some days i have plenty of patience with them, but others i just want to wring their necks!  I guess it depends on how much sleep I\’ve had that day. 
    Hang in their and before you know it your coworkers will be annoying you instead of classmates. 🙂

  3. I have classmate "Professor knowitall" in my A&P lab.  Today while being lectured on ovaries & etopic pregancies, Professor knowitall gave a more indepth answer to my classmate\’s question….this was after my instructor answered the question.  This happened four times, once she cut off my instructor and said "oh no, let me correct that"…I wanted to choke her.
    Thanks for the laughs Katie!

  4. What a great story… and a great way to let off steam about it, too!  I have had those very same people in my classes, too… both as a teacher and as a student (and about both students and teachers, too)… and they all drive me nuts!  They waste so much of everyone\’s time and there isn\’t much you can do about it.  But writing about it is a good practice because maybe some day they will read something and recognize themselves.
    I know I\’ll be policing myself in the future!
    Now let me tell you a story about….. LOLOL!!!
    I have sent a new friend here… a nice gal named Eve who will enter nursing school next year at 34. You are a shining example and I think she will enjoy your blog!

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