Reasons to have a student nurse

We might manage to get ourselves stuck in the shower, and we probably will be shaking while trying to poke you with a needle, but there actually are good reasons to want a student nurse to take care of you:

1. You will get more attention than you ever thought possible while at a hospital.
2. Everything about you will be fascinating. A nurse who has been on the job for twenty years has seen it all. That five inch gash on your leg? That’s nothing. But to a student, that paper cut on your pinkie looks pretty bad, and will get the attention it deserves.
3. Now that they have so many laparoscopic surgeries, you won’t have many wounds to show off to your friends to get sympathy once you are out of the hospital. Let a student nurse start an IV on you and you will have a huge battle-wound bruise for two full weeks.
4. You will get to laugh. A lot.
5. Everything will be quadruple checked. The paranoid and nervous student will check each medication three times, and her instructor will check it at least once more.
6. Student nurses are more fun. When an experienced nurse is about to give you an injection and you scream "Ouch," she will give you a funny look or call psych for an evaluation. The nervous student nurse will jump and probably scream too. Which one would be more entertaining for you?


2 thoughts on “Reasons to have a student nurse

  1. Awe, it\’s so true!!!!  My little cousin was recently in the trauma unit in our local teaching hospital.  While I was in with her, I noticed the student nurses "hanging" around.  They watched everything eagerly and jumped on every bell & whisle.  It was great.  Also, the nurses were awesome too.  I noticed that the only one my aunt complained about being rude and not having the best bedside manner was a lady who has been a nurse for many, many years (maybe it was just a bad night or end to a long week to her credit).  I asked two students how they liked the unit and they said that everyone was great and since it was the trauma unit, they were able to learn so much from everyone there.
    So, kudos for the student nurses!!!!  🙂

  2. I had the sweeetest patient in ICU this week.  He made fun of me because I was soooo over attentive to him.  I know he meant to be funny, he enjoyed watching me blush!  YAHOO FOR STUDENT NURSES! :0)

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