Things my psych patients have taught me

~ Eating a jar of VapoRub followed by a tube of Bengay will not cleanse your system of cocaine.
~ It is not funny to tell your psychologist that you want to kill your boss.
~ Psych nurses do not have a good sense of humor when it comes to April Fool’s Day jokes. Putting a glass of water on top of the door and having it fall on your nurse will get you a day of lockup (but you will be the coolest kid on the unit).
~ You should not attempt to breastfeed with a straw.


11 thoughts on “Things my psych patients have taught me

  1. You know, one of the nursing supervisors at the hospital where I once worked was a psych nurse, and boy did he have stories to tell. I also think his extra training helped he better deal with some of my co-workers! 🙂

  2. You know these are all good things to know…I have often wonderered if I was to eat vapo rub and bengay if it would make me loose weight..I now know this is the way to clean my body after those wild nights of doing cocaine!
    Thanks for the tips!

  3. My wife and I have a 19yr. son that is mentally ill, Bi Polar + RAD ++.
    He came to us as a foster child at age 6.  He came to us from Phycs hosp., he was there fkor threatening teacher with a dager of broken glass.  He was severly abused and neglected as an infant.  At age 19 he lives in a residential rehab campus.  He will never be well.
    my wife and I have seen much.

  4. thanks for the wonderful comments…i\’m taking psych right now, and i think the key is knowing you can laugh…when you get home…i understand that mental illness is a very serious matter but when you have to deal with outrageous ideas and words all day you just have to let it out!!!

  5. Totally psyched here. I have worked on a psyche unit for 7 years.  Got a lot of experience in other areas of nursing but I have to say I love psyche.  There is never a dull moment. Always something interesting to learn about and always amazed at what someone has done, said, or is thinking.  To some it may not seem rewarding but to me I love it.  Sometimes you just gotta laugh with the patient or just see where they are coming from. You have to learn that you never know where the path in life leads you could very easily be walking in the patient\’s shoes your are caring for. Some mental illness can be caused by tragic circumstances and some just pop up out of the blue.  Your either a lover or a hater of taking care of the mentally ill. Have you ever read a DSM-IV? Yep, we all have an illness. LOL! Sure you have to put a few patients in lockdown from time to time but it gets the adrenaline going; and always leaves for a moment of bonding between coworkers.  You will hear some of the craziest stories from psyche nurses and what may seem outlandish or impossible is reality in our world.  Our patients live it, see it, and beleive it. I hope you have/had a wonderful psyche rotation.  It too can be rewarding to see your patients get better.

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