Times when it’s ok to lie

~ When you studied for two hours and got the same grade as
your classmate who studied for forty hours. Either lie and say you studied a
lot or just keep it to yourself.

~ When your classmate, who is trembling and looks like a deer in the
headlights, asks you if she looks nervous before attempting a new procedure on
a patient.

~ When eating lunch during clinicals and your classmate looks down at her shirt
and says, "This spot is chocolate, right?"

~ When your classmate, who just put the suppository in the wrong hole, asks
you, "Do you think our instructor thinks I’m an idiot?"

~ At the end of your clinical from Hell, when the charge nurse says, "We
have some of the best nurses in the country, don’t we?"

~ When your friend just finished her presentation in front of the class and she
asks, "Did I have this in my teeth the whole time?" Say, "No,
but your zipper was down."

~ When a patient asks, "How many times have you done this before?"
Either don’t answer until you are done, or don’t mention that your experiences
were all on mannequins (or hot dogs).

~ When someone considering going into nursing asks you what your first day of
was like, and your first patient just happened to be a dead body, you might not want to mention that fact. It tends to scare people

~ When a male psych patient asks if you can tell that he is pregnant with an
alien’s offspring. Actually, I have no idea what to say in this

~ When your instructor asks, "Do you need experience in cleaning up a
patient with C-Diff?"

~ When a patient asks, "Is this the weirdest thing you have ever
seen?" Always say "no," especially if it really is the weirdest
thing you’ve ever seen.


9 thoughts on “Times when it’s ok to lie

  1. You always manage to crack me up! And the last blog and this one are SO TRUE!!! It brings back so many memories. We always said we needed to write a book when we finished nursing school. (That was back in the stone age before the Internet) I wish I had had a blog back then! Keep your chin up, and remember to duck!

  2. Yeah, I must agree. There are times when it\’s better to just not be completely honest! ( and I don\’t know what I\’d say to the male psych patient either!)

  3. how about this one….
    – when a pregnant lady, who has had a stuffed nose thru-out her whole pregnancy and can\’t smell worth a damn, is told to push to see where their at and something other than the baby starts to come out first.. hahahahaha….just go with me here…. please while grabbing tissue don\’t look like your going to puke or turn your head in disgust!!! Just say everything is fine your going great!!! Hormons never let you forget that face…. :o)

  4. oh and to the psych patient… just tell him next time how great he looks and that women would kill to look like him this far along in his pregnancy!!! :o) you\’ll make his day!!

  5. You aren\’t actually lying when you say, "I\’ve done this a few times." Just don\’t tell them it was on hotdogs or maniquinns, hehe. What they don\’t know doesn\’t hurt them. I just wait until afterwards, and then tell them I just graduated and this is the first time I\’ve done this without another nurse with me. They usually are quick with the compliments then, "You did just fine. It didn\’t (hardly) hurt at all." Remember the old adage, "Fake it \’till you make it." If you walk into the room with confidence, they will have more confidence in you. Just remember there\’s a difference between faking and b.s………obviously your "miss know-it-all" in the back of the room doesn\’t know the difference!
    Love your blog!

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