Pick-up lines according to Josh

Josh is the only man in my clinical group. He is from Kenya and at times seems very confused by the American woman’s complicated mind. When one of the seven women in our group seems down or is just in need of a confidence boost, Josh takes it upon himself to say something nice. Well, at least he tries to say something nice. Here are a few examples of Josh’s compliments:
~ Your hair is beautiful, like a horse.
~ I love hugging you. You are so soft and squishy.
~ It’s great to see you today. But would you mind not talking?
~ Don’t worry, large women are beautiful.
~ You aren’t fat, you just have a large butt.
~ You shouldn’t have cut your hair. But it looks ok.
~ You look just like Beth (our manly looking teacher).
~ You aren’t short, you just have the body of a primary schooler (grade schooler).
~ You have long arm hair.
~ You have beautiful veins under your eyes. I bet I could start an IV on them.

You’d be swept off your feet too, right ladies?


21 thoughts on “Pick-up lines according to Josh

  1. Don\’t forget one of the best:
    You have nice veins under your eyes. I could start an IV on one of them.
    Gotta love Josh!

  2. Katie–This is the funniest and I would have no idea.  Thanks so much for sharing.  I thought it was great.

  3. Hilariousness!  I want him for my friend.  I am not easily offended and I could laugh all day at him (with him)!

  4. poor guy, I hope he\’s married already otherwise he;\’s gonna be single for life, lol
    Thanks for explaining what the blank spaces mean in our statistics, I was wondering, take care Blabby

  5. LMAO!  I had friends from Iran in college who had the same type of comments.  They couldn\’t understand why women looked at them strangely.

  6. Ojaji is the Kenyan nursing student in my class… he\’s a great guy with some similar \’pick up lines\’  haha gotta love \’em

  7. Hi Katie,
    I would like to thank you for setting up those med charts, that helps me a lot. I am a first year nursing student, and I must admit, I am certainly feeling the pressure.
    I was wondering if you had any words of encouragement. I am a single mom and I\’ve been out of school for quite a while, so, needless to say, I\’m a little stressed.
    Anyway, thanks again…..I\’ve printed those charts and added them to my pharmacology binder that I\’ve been working on.
    Bye for now,
    Ann Marie

  8. Ann Marie~A lot of my classmates are parents with small children. I have so much respect for anyone in nursing school who is also taking care of children, especially single parents. My best advice is to find someone else going through the same thing as you and help support each other. It is always a huge stress relief to have someone who understands you.Katie

  9. that was cute! my favourite one would be "~ You have beautiful veins under your eyes. I bet I could start an IV on them." eww imagine you HAD to put an IV in someones eye!?! how crazy is that?? keep up the great blogs! they rock!!cheers! :)~

  10. Hee hee!  I bet everyone looks forward to seeing him everyday in class just to hear what he has to say!  LOL!  They say humor is the best medicine, right?  Is he a nursing student too?

  11. Hi Katie!
    I just thought I would let you know…that I referred one of my blog dorks to your site. I thought you might have a little fun trying to figure out what is wrong with her. She seems to be itching A LOT. All over but no, rash, bumps, dry skin..etc..  I told her there were quite a few nurses and student nurses on your site that might be able to give her some insight as to what the cause might be.
    I also told her it might be one of her new medications she is on causing the itch. She is Bent but not Broken on my site!
    Hope you dont mind…maybe someone or yourself might be able to help her better than I could till she can get to her Internist!

  12. My wife loves to tell the story about how when we first met I fake-kissed her in front of her roommates, which shocked the living heck out of her. I always respond by reminding her that she checked me out first.
    Moral of this story: weird guys really do stand a chance.

  13. Hahahaha…Love it..I\’ve heard some pretty good ones too when I worked in dispatch..(Officers and Deputies have filthy minds) Talk to ya later.

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