Your site referrals

A few of you seemed confused about my last posting, so I am going to explain how to figure out what internet searches brought people to your site.
1. Sign in to your space.
2. Click on "Edit your space"
3. On the right side of the screen, click on "Settings"
4. Click on the tab that says "Statistics"
This will bring up information on your total page views. Below this you will see a table. The column on the right says, "Referring address." This lets you know how people reached your site. On the example HERE, there are a lot of blanks. This means that someone typed my site address in without following any links. When you see "", this indicates that either Sonia (konekita) was logged in and visited my site, or that someone was at her site and followed a link to mine.
When I hover my mouse over the address, a yellow box will appear. (RETURN TO EXAMPLE) This box has a lot of random text and then the words "head+to+toe+assessment+icu+nurse". If I click on that link, it will bring me to a comcast search page (similar to google) where the person had entered "head to toe assessment icu nurse".
Let me know if that does not make sense! If it does make sense and you go through your own site referrers, let me know what entertaining results you find (as long as they are appropriate)!

5 thoughts on “Your site referrals

  1. Thanks for the info.  I was wondering how the heck you guys figured that out.  I have no google search links yet, but I\’m gonna keep an eye out now! 

  2. Ooh, I\’ve been wondering about this for a while but I\’ve been too lazy to look it up.  I\’m curious: is your page syndicated?  In my statistics, all I see is RSS syndication stuff, and I have to scroll through a ton to find any real hits.  Did you turn that off?

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