Nursing pharmacology help

I set up a site with my old pharmacology tables to help any of you nursing students taking pharm right now.

21 thoughts on “Nursing pharmacology help

  1. Thank you!!!! That chart is so helpful. I am printing a copy for my clinical groupmates as well…
    The drug books can give you information overload sometimes, I\’m happy to have something a little more condensed.

  2. Thank you for your help.  I printed the table and shared with my classmates.  They love it, it helps us in the study for pharmacology. 

  3. WOW thank you sooooo much!! I\’ve printed it and sharing with my classmates.  Just in time too! We\’re having a Pharm Test in two weeks! Wish me luck! :0)

  4. Do you still have this link? I can’t get it to pull up. I’m hoping to start nursing school in the fall and need all the help I can get! Thanks for your wonderful blog! Stephanie

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