Do your teeth hurt?

While looking at my site statistics, I was surprised to see that I am result #8 out of 394,000 for the google search "Teeth hurt while touching sponges." Hmm.. I’m sure there is an interesting story behind this search, but I’m not sure what it is!

6 thoughts on “Do your teeth hurt?

  1. what do you mean barks has bite? oops… hahaha I mean what do you mean you were doing a google search? Was it using your real name or confessions of a student nurse? hmmmm very interesting questions….. and i think my teeth hurt when i rub a dry towel on them… BLAH!

  2. So Funny!! I checked my stats to see what I could come up with.I was #141 on a blog search "spanking my child". What\’s worse coming up on an abuse search or the person that actually went so far as to look at 140 before mine? hehe

  3. Hey =)
    How\’d you find that info out in terms of Google on your space? I tried to find it, but to no avail. =)  Ever find if you think about teeth hurting, they do? I think its all a mental thing sometimes.  Except in the case where I had a rootcanal done. Never again, that was no fun experience.
    Have a great one. =)

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