The rebel

Thursday was another one of those days where my classmates would not keep quiet. After spending fifteen minutes listening to them debate the proper way to give an epidural (something we will never do), I honestly almost screamed. By noon, my frustration level was almost at its peak. That’s when the psych lecture started. I like the psych teacher, but she too was getting on my nerves. Many people use the phrase, "I don’t know how many times I’ve seen…." This teacher kept using a similar phrase, but the way she said it was annoying. She’d say, "How many times have I seen….?" I don’t know how many times you’ve seen it lady!! Stop asking me!! She was lecturing on bipolar disorder, and I think she came extremely close to actually having a full blown demonstration of a psychotic episode- a few more minutes of her lecture and I would have lost it. So during a break I left. That’s right, I skipped half of a day of class!! And no, I did not go home and study. I went to the casino and played the penny slots with my parents. If you see me on America’s Most Wanted later this week, please just pretend like you don’t know me!

8 thoughts on “The rebel

  1. Oh man.. i have one of those in my spanish class… i know how u feel..
    and everyone in my class feels the same whenever it happens… only
    this gurl Wines…. ya.. shes like 20 sumthing.. and constently
    wines… and Shushes ppl and the Teacher (once in a while)… Ug… ya
    i\’ve almost had some of those mements.

  2. It must happen in every class!  One of my classmates figured out once that we pay about $275 per class.  So the night my classmates spent 30 minutes arguing the definition elements of an Abnormally Dangerous Activity, I almost lost it.  It is what it is…we need to just learn it and learn to apply it.  Arguing will not change it!   
    Hope you don\’t mind, I\’m not sure how I ended up at your site but I like you, you\’re fun!

  3. See! This is EXACTLY why I only have 1 friend this semester! Becuase I can\’t be bothered to socailize with these people after class and I tell them to SHUT UP in class! [LoL] 95% of my class can\’t stop making their lives seem oh so damn important and the other 5% either egg them on or plot their death! [guess were I fall in :)] Good Luck Katie! It sounds like your really gonna need it!Cheers

  4. I just wanted to thank you for making me laugh…You\’re a lot like Howard Stern….I can\’t wait to hear what your gonna say next!
    Question is…did you at least win some money while playing the slots?
    Have a great day?

  5. I have a teacher like that too.  She keeps pushing her views on us, so after first break and shes taken attendance (and I know Im not going to miss much), I skip out.  Class goes from 4-7… dont think I could listen to her for that long. =P
    Hope you won some cash, even if it wasnt that much.  Have a great one.  =)

  6. I\’m telling you, sometimes, the only way you can make it through the day is to skip and indulge in something… I suggest Retail Therapy!
    (Honestly, I\’ve had those days when I just have to leave because everyone and everything is driving me nits, and to sit there and be grumpy about it won\’t facilitate my learning. bleh!)

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