For those of you who were wondering…

Yes, I have always been this cute.

I wanted to be an interior designer when I grew up. Well, maybe not, but that’s the only excuse I can come up with for ripping the wallpaper off my wall.

I was not the one who convinced Michael that diaper ointment was edible.


Putting diapers on the stuffed animals (powder included) was all Pat’s idea.



7 thoughts on “For those of you who were wondering…

  1. Ahh, that is so adorable!  Such memories.  Isn\’t great when you come from a large(r) fam?  You look so pinchable adorable in those pics.

  2. Awe how adorable!!!!   I love the superman shirt!  you should see the picture of my son when my daughter wrote all over him when he was a baby.  I tell you, you cannot get mad at your children for doing naughty things like writing on the baby with non washable markers or tearing up all the diapers and both bottoms are all poopy!  Kids just give you the "look" and your heart melts!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing such sweet pics!

  3. see even back then you were a SUPER hero… I\’m tellin you… your my msn super hero…!! :o)
    PS: you have some cute pics as a baby!!

  4. That is too funny!!  It must just be the wall paper.  I had the exact same wall paper in my bedroom as a child…..and guess what, it got peeled of the wall!!!

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