I love my classmates, most of the time

Our normal school schedule is to have lecture all day on Monday, and then clinicals the rest of the week. But because this is the start of a new semester for us, we have two weeks of lecture all day every day. We are on day seven, and those classmates who I usually love are really starting to get on my nerves! About half of the women in my class have given birth before. This does not go well with learning about labor and delivery. Every single time the teacher mentions something that did not happen to them during their own pregnancy, they will raise their hands and comment. Please be quiet people!! I love you but I want to go home sometime today! Then there are the people who like to share stories but haven’t actually given birth yet. Feeling left out, they constantly raise their hands to let the teacher know that something she said does not match what the book said. I might scream the next time I hear, "Well the reading assignment said…" I think I’m going to steal their books so they can’t do the assigned readings before class. I probably don’t have much room to complain though. I’m sure the sound of me banging my head up against the wall in frustration might be distracting to some people.


15 thoughts on “I love my classmates, most of the time

  1. lol, I\’m the headbanger at meetings too, I just want to get it done and everone is always segwaying into personal stories etc, drives me nuts. Plus you then have a headac he after head banging your way thru it : ) Blabby

  2. hahaha
    just remember this line when anyone starts to tell their story…
    "…this one time … at band camp…."
    hahahahahaha i sometimes start my stories this way… LOL !!!
    Although I suppose 2 weeks of listening to anyone interrupt would be completely annoying and i feel for you… that happened to me just recently while i was training… i wanted to go home and for some reason others wanted to talk question the instructor and then tell their tales along in the conversation….

  3. Why don\’t you raise your hand and start talking about the time your cat had kittens? You could talk about timing contractions and doing fundus checks and peripad counts on "mother kitty".

  4. I totally agree with you!!!!  It seems that my poor A&P instructor gets slammed with questions and personal stories when she is pressed for time RIGHT before an exam!  Drives me nuts!!!  I have a permanent bruise on my forehead.  I think I will try Lavendermoon\’s suggestion of adding….one time at bandcamp"…..the comments are sooo funny!  I needed a good laugh!  For some reason, the urinary system is killing me!    Happy to hear you donation went well! 

  5. Katie,
    This is funny, but the moon and stars you were not in the class with K**
    (I think you know who I am referring to).  It was worse when he would
    give his version of the way his wife felt during labor or after getting her
    drugs.  Think of it this way, makes the class a tad bit more interesting to
    know the ideal situation they describe in the books is not as common as it
    seems and when you have your own kids maybe nothing will suprise you,
    uh?)  The L&D and peds rotation really are fun and were my 2 favorite
    ones.  I sure hope your experience is just as fulfilling.

  6. AWW I feel your pain! I enjoy hearing people\’s stories OUTSIDE of my learning time. Unless its just too damn good to wait [which rarely is the case]. Don\’t you just feel like shouting "MY GOSH PEOPLE! NO TWO EXPERIENCES ARE ALIKE!!"
    Perhaps after all the head trama you\’ve inflicted on yourself due to these people you can tell YOUR story about it next time you have a lecture on head tramas!?

  7. Let me tell you, when I had my first child …… LOL.  I can empathize.  I agree with lavendermoon, just think of "…this one time … at band camp ….". 

  8. Hahahahaha….I got nothing…I feel terrible for you…But I can\’t help but laugh at the image of you pretending to strangle people from behind while slamming your head against the wall.
    I\’m sorry I don\’t mean to laugh…but you write so well…it\’s so funny. Great visual!
    My only advice is when they begin to talk…say.."I am so picturing you with duct tape over your mouth".
    Hang in there…I would want you as my nurse if I needed one!

  9. Oh, I so hear you on this! Except my issue isn\’t with a few mothers, it\’s with a few people who know every single thing in the world, and they aren\’t afraid to let everyone know this! 😉

  10. This alway irritates me when I go to meetings for work. Don\’t these people know if they would just shut up we could go home!?! They can call and ask questions later if it is something they really need to know.
    I hate to actually be around an expecting mother and hear people telling them horrible birthing stories. Geez people. They are scared enough.. Tell them to watch "a baby story" on TLC. They will learn all they need to know.. lol. 
    Have a good one Katie,

  11. Your blog is very interesting for a person who is considering a careeer in nursing.  I am considering a career change I am currently working on my MBA but I hate every aspect of the business world because it does not fit who I am.  The problem I am facing I don\’t know where to find a flexible work schedule while I am in nursing school.  I know that nursing school requires hardwork and dedication but there is no possible way I can not work.  Do you have any suggestions of how other nursing students make it?

  12. Cris~ I recommend finding an accelerated nursing program (12 months to a BSN). There are many schools or hospitals out there that will reimburse your tuition if you sign an after-graduation work contract with them. Some schools actually don\’t make you pay anything until after you graduate, and you will only owe money if you don\’t honor your work agreement. Just make sure you ask recent graduates of the school if they would recommend the school!Good luck!Katie

  13. ahhhh i remember l&d …wow, almost 2 years ago now. and yes, the women who had given birth before are always willing to share WAY too much info about their experiences!!! i feel for ya!!! hang in there! 🙂

  14. They call these kind of people "suck-ups" and I can\’t handle them.  I know exactly what you mean..that would happen all the time when I was in class and then the lecture went twice as long as it was supposed to because SOMEONE couldn\’t shut their mouths.  LOL.  It was always when I wanted to do somethiong right after class too!

  15. Hi Katie,It seems that this is a common theme, especially in medical classes.  I dont mean to pick on the "older" students but invariably it is the one or two 50-somethings who want to waste the instructor\’s and class\’ time telling some irrelevant story about something that happened to them in the 70s.  I have several know-it-alls in my class as well.  Some days I dont even notice their annoying chattering, but others I have fantacies about suturing their mouths shut so they can no longer share their "wisdom" with the class.  Instructors stories=good, students stories=bad.  Hopefully you can make it thru the next week of classes without resorting to voluntary manslaughter! 😉  Have a nice weekend.Dustin

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