Pink slip?

Because I haven’t had clinicals in a few weeks, I am running low on nursing stories. Therefore, I’ll have to keep you entertained for the time being with stories from my other jobs.

After months of searching for post-college employment, I finally landed a job as a receptionist at a high-security company. I had three extremely important responsibilities: answering the phone, only letting employees with their badges in through the front door, and stocking the coffee. During my first week sitting at the front desk, an elderly man walked in and demanded that I open the door to the office (you need a keycard to open the door). I had never seen this man before, so I told him I needed to see his employee ID. This obviously offended him, and he stomped his foot on the floor like a kid having a temper tantrum and said, "I am Bob Smith." I replied, "OK Bob Smith, can I please see your employee ID?" His face started turning red, but I tried to keep my cool and pretend like I wasn’t scared or intimidated. There was a man from another one of our offices sitting in the waiting area a few feet away, and I looked to him for help. His eyes were huge and he looked shocked, but didn’t offer any backup. Bob Smith must have thought I was deaf because he again stated his name, and told me he was going to go check his mail, and I had better let him in NOW. That’s when I realized what was going on- this was a test. They were seeing if I could handle the pressure of someone trying to get in without a badge. I was going to pass this test with flying colors! After a few more minutes of arguing with Bob Smith, another employee walked through the front door, and Bob Smith slipped in behind her. The man who had been sitting in the waiting area started laughing and said, "You better go check your mail box for a pink slip!" My heart jumped up into my throat. Was I getting fired for him slipping through the door? Was I actually supposed to tackle him?! The man then asked if I knew who Bob Smith was. I told him I didn’t. I’m sure you can see where this is going- Bob Smith is the owner of the entire company. Maybe that’s something we should have gone over in my training?

That pink slip never arrived in my mail box. The owner probably found the situation funny once he had time to settle down. Or maybe he knew better than to mess with me- I proved how tough I am (all five foot one of me)!


8 thoughts on “Pink slip?

  1. !!
    Oopsy!  Well, you were following orders!  He should be happy that his employee was taking her job seriously.  Next time he should remember his card key! LOL, great story.

  2. What a sight that must have been!!!!  Perhaps Bob learned his lesson not to forget his badge on future visits!?!? 

  3. I think the person who was looking at you with huge eyes deserves a smack for allowing you to continue refusing the owner to come in! I know that if i was that guy i would of ran over to you and explained who he was to you. I wouldn\’t of let you continue on…. :o) But that\’s just me… hahahaha
    Good for you though for sticking to your guns, i probably would of started crying inside and begging for someone to help, on the inside of course! 😉

  4. Ha!  This reminds me of the time when I worked as a toll attendant for the Texas Rangers.  I was an employee, but also a big fan.  Well, obviously not big enough. 
    At about 2 hours prior to game time they pull baracades at all 4 major intersections around the ballpark to protect pedestrian traffic and control the crowds.  Well, it was very common for people who were late for the game to beg us to move baracades and let them thru.  This of course would get us into trouble as a car driving in the zone was noticable and the walkie-talkies would blare with supervisors wanting to know where the car came from and where it was going.
    So, knowing the consequences another high school girl and I were not moving the baracade for a nice looking gentleman that was insisting we let him thru as he was already late and needed to get to the other side of the ballpark before game time.  We explained and explained that he would have to go around and he was definitely too late to make it before the line up was announced.  It wasn\’t until the guy working with us came up behind us and said, "Sir, I will let you thru right now and babbled some other jibberish to him that we did not catch."
    As he returned we asked him why he would move it for some idiot that can\’t make it to the game on time.  That is when he informed us it was Kenny Rogers who had just pitched a perfect game the day before.  We were sure he would call the front office and have those two idiot girls fired!!

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