It must be genetic

My younger sister Mary is also a nursing student. Recently,
she was working at a health clinic and had a little boy come in with his mother
for several vaccines. The boy sat on his mom’s lap and they both cautiously
watched as my sister gave him the shots. Because he was so tough and behaved
himself, Mary and her classmate let him have a temporary tattoo. He picked one, and Mary placed it on his arm and soaked it with
water to get it to stick. It didn’t work. Her classmate got another tattoo and
also tried, but all they ended up doing was getting the boy and his mom wet.
Imagine how worried that poor mother must have felt when she realized that the
two girls who just gave her son several important vaccines couldn’t even figure
out that they needed to take the little plastic cover off the tattoo before applying it to the


3 thoughts on “It must be genetic

  1. That is so cute and so funny–I\’m still trying to figure out what happened with the tattoo!  Has your sister practiced since?  🙂

  2. haha – nice one. it\’s always funny how one can consistently manage to make a fool of themselves when working with pediatric patients. BUT unlike adults, at least they\’ll usually laugh with you over something silly like that.

  3. I am surprised the little boy didn\’t inform her on how to properly apply the tattoo.  I find kids are never shy in telling me when "I\’m doing it wrong."  🙂

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