Reality TV is a big hit these days. Many of us enjoy taking a break from our
own lives to experience someone else’s "reality" for a few minutes.
But I’m sure many of you know that reality TV does not always depict what
actually happened. Random video clips are spliced together to create a show
that is entertaining and tells a story, even when no real story exists. We are
spoiled by this- we see the perfect couple and wish we could be that way (their
fights don’t fit in the story line- so we never see that part of their
reality), we want to be like the guy who always has the perfect joke (his bad
jokes are conveniently not aired), and there is always something exciting going
on (why would they show you the boring stuff?). The editors of a reality TV
show pick a story to tell, and use whatever clips they can find to help them
tell that story, ignoring whatever does not fit.
My blog is not reality TV. It is reality Katie. This means that I am going to
write about what I experience in my life, good and bad. If I dislike something,
I will say so, I’m not going to sugarcoat things because I want to make
everyone happy all of the time. I think that this is part of the appeal of my
blog- people get an honest look at the world of nursing through my eyes. Many
things are exciting and wonderful, but there are also things that are
upsetting. There are things that I will never write about because they are too
personal to my patients or I feel I would be violating someone’s
confidentiality, but other than that, I will write what I want. My purpose in
this blog is to let people experience my journey into nursing right along side
me. When I have a bad day and am literally covered in poop, I know that I can
go home and write about it and hopefully give a few of you a good laugh, and
receive some supportive comments to keep me going. I will portray things as I
see them, sometimes with a humorous twist, whether they make me or nursing in
general look good or bad. If people are inspired to go into nursing based on
what I write, I think that is wonderful. It is never my intention to scare
people away from nursing- but if presenting them with the reality of what goes
on scares them away, then I think it is in their best interest to know this
before investing time and money into nursing school. I would be doing these
people a disservice if I painted a wonderful "reality TV-like"
picture of nursing and then they were shocked and angry when realizing that
things really aren’t perfect. On the same page, I could paint a wonderful
picture of all nurses in general to help get nurses more respect. One person
even commented to suggest that I do this. Unfortunately, that is not what my
blog is for. As anyone in my clinical group can attest to, we have seen many
nurses who should not be nurses. There are nurses who show up to work for their
paycheck and treat their patients like nothing more than a job. I have seen
several nurses who walk into their patient’s room, turn the TV to their
favorite soap opera, and watch that while performing patient care. Don’t they
realize that talking to their patients could be just as entertaining, plus
therapeutic for the patient? I could ignore these things and lie and tell you
that all nurses are wonderful. But they aren’t. Many of them are amazing
people. I have met some of the most compassionate human beings, and I pray that
I get one of them to take care of me if I am ever hurt. I am hoping that my
blog is read by some of the nurses who no longer treat their patients with
respect. Maybe seeing my anger at the situation will infuriate them too and
help them remember why they went into nursing in the first place.

To conclude my long rant, I just want to say that I acknowledge that there
are many wonderful nurses out there. I know that quite a few of you who are reading
this are amazing nurses (or future nurses). But there are also nurses who
aren’t compassionate or caring, and if that is what I see, that is what I am
going to write about. Maybe someday there will be nothing negative to write
about. Wouldn’t that be wonderful…


12 thoughts on “Reality?

  1. Hi! I agree with you a 100% …I love your blog because is so honest and portrays both the positive and negative side of nursing. I experience something similar being a premed student … a great number of medical students at my school are from middle eastern descent and the children or siblings of people in the medical field ,a LOT of them are forced into the medical field by their parents even if they dont want to pursue medicine. I think is a very sad prospective for the future of medical care because these people are gonna grow more bitter with time and the ones to suffer are the patients.
    I love the ER and Pediatrics too!!! and I think the comment someone made about going into Pediatric ER is a great idea 🙂
    Have a good one!
    Sonia V.

  2. There is good and bad in every field, no matter what it is.  Even though I know many nurses who may seem callous and uncaring, I know that they truly care for their patients.  Keep writing the way you are.  I know I couldn\’t do what you do. Maybe you should try to find someone who works at the well known children\’s hospital and try to shadow there?  I have seen miracles happen in that hospital and that just might be a good fit. 

  3. Katie: I\’m so glad that to hear that you stand your ground as far as the content of your blogs.  Good for you.  You keep me coming back because of your honesty and humor.   It\’s a great relief when I see that you are going through similar situations as I am.  You are absolutely correct when you say that there are nurses out there that are in Nursing for the wrong reason.  As a matter of fact, I can think of 3 students in my class who are in it for the money.  Scary, huh?  Man, but I have been SO fortunate to meet some caring, intelligent and awesome Nurses…such as I inspire to be!  And to those nasty, greedy, selfish MONSTER NURSES…I thank them for teaching me how NOT to behave…especially towards Nursing Students!   >:0P
    So Katie…now that you got that off your chest…can you go back to your usual hilarious self? I could use some chuckles these days. :0) NJ Nursing Student

  4. Bravo Katie!!!!!
    You speak how you feel and that in itself is courageous. Never mind having to writ about your nursing experience. You are truly a wonderful human being.
    To me, you are my msn spaces SUPER HERO!

  5. Good job, Katie.  The truth shall set you free, as they say.  whats thepoint of having a blog if you arent going to be honest and be yourself on it.  i think too many things are sugarcoated these days and its getting harder and harder to know what "reality" really is.  so i commend you for being truthful in your postings.  I try to do the same on my blog. 
    keep up the good work.

  6. Katie, don\’t let them break your spirit! Chin up! Like your humor. See my note re. Honor Society and congratulations!

  7. Great post!  I know for a fact that nurses come in all categories: excellent, great, good, okay, and bad.  Some have good days and some have bad ones.  Nevertheless, a nurse\’s job is to be professional, compassionate, and have his/her patient\’s best intrest in mind.  This goes for doctors too.  Early this morning I was in the ER with my son. The RN  & resp. tech assigned to my son were awesome and treated my 4 year old wonderfully and made me feel like I wasn\’t a nut & overreacting.  They clearly enjoy their profession.   Thanks for pointing out the negative and positve experiences in your day. 
    😉 Eve 

  8. Katie..I think you misunderstood my last post. I do not want you to sugarcoat your day and I surely don\’t expect you to paint the picture that all nurses are wonderful. I have been in the field long enough to know that is not true. I also realize that these are your experiences and your blog and you say it like you see it. I like that, and that is why I read your posts daily. I just finished an assignment on the image of nursing and was really surprised at how negatively nurses are portrayed in ads and on tv shows like ER and Grey\’s Anatomy and I was sad to see it on your site too. I hope you have better experiences at future clinical sites. I have been fortunate to have clinicals on many floors that have have been like the ER floor you were on, where nurses were actually happy with the work they were doing! Good luck to you in the future! 

  9. Right on sister!!!  Every single job I have ever worked in, no matter what the field, there are women who will sit around and gossip and stab everyone in the back, what did that reader think we don\’t all see it this way?  There are people that work at McDonald\’s and don\’t necessarily enjoy it and talk about how bad they have it.  Do we say….What a disservice to the fast food industry!  Find me a profession where the morale is perfect and I will apply in a heartbeat!  Wouldn\’t we all?

  10. Preach on, sista.  You\’re here for YOU….and know what?  The folks up in arms about the negative aspects of nursing you write about are probably the guilty ones…..

  11. We take the good with the bad. Have been away from your blog for a while and not sure what prompted this  posting. However, your outlook is fresh and real and I still feel that you will and are becoming an excellent nurse. NEVER lose your genuine perspective or sell out to the system. Health care has become such a business/ money oriented system that at times WE nurses are the only advocates our patients have.Hopefully your positive approach to caring will rub off on the nurses who have "lost that loving feeling". Thanks for sharing your thoughts and good luck pursuing Emergency Nursing.
                                                        "still Nurse Bill"

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