The ER

Thanks to my wonderful new friend Sue, I was able to shadow
in the emergency room yesterday. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and was praying
that I would finally find something I liked. I am happy to say that my prayers were
answered- I loved it. I think I learned more yesterday than I have in all of my
clinicals combined. Best of all, this was the first time I didn’t see a single
nurse who did not want to be there. Normally, several of the nurses I see
have bad attitudes and care more about gossiping than about taking care of
their patients. I’ve gotten used to this and have learned to expect it on every
floor. I was in shock when I saw how different the ER nurses were. They were
there to do their jobs and help people, not to stand around and complain. Several
of the nurses were excited to show me interesting patients and teach me how
they do things. After seeing six people put in IV’s, I’m no longer nervous
about it- I’m excited to go try it on a real patient! The doctors were all
friendly and worked right with the nurses. The patients were definitely
interesting, and I liked how the nurses were able to work with many different
patients throughout the day- they’d fix one, send him on his way, and get
started on the next. Unless I fall in love with Pediatrics (which is still a
possibility), I think I’m going to be an ER nurse!


18 thoughts on “The ER

  1. Hi, My first visit here, interesting. My sister in law just finished her nursing training and is now a full time nurse, she loves it : ) I was horrified to read about the girl who smothered her sis. how awful. gee I guess I was a good sis in comparison. I\’ll be back again. Keep up the good works : ) Blabby

  2. That\’s awesome news!  The ER can be a hectic, crazy place! It\’s so unpredictable, and it\’s where the patients are most vulnerable.  It\’s fast-paced.  It\’s exciting.  It\’s where you\’ll keep your critical thinking skills sharp!  If you like Peds, maybe you can work in the Peds ER Dept.?  YaY Nurse Katie!

  3. I just finished a little stint in the ER myself – as a patient.  I got to sit on a bed in the hallway near the nurse\’s station for 4 days, while recovering from a collapsed lung. 
    Maybe it was the morphine & Tylenol 3\’s, but I kind of enjoyed myself!  It was really neat to see how the staff handled themselves while treating the various ailments of the characters that kept getting admitted.  Like having front row seats in some crazy reality TV show.  😉
    I had my share of good and bad nurses and doctors, and actually thought quite a bit of your writings while watching the clock tick away. 
    I hope you continue entertaining us all with your stories for a long time to come, and I wish you the best of luck in your field.  From what I\’ve read so far – it\’s the perfect vocation for you, and you\’ve got the right attitude to really make a difference with your patients.  Best of luck!

  4. I just graduated last Friday from nursing school…I usually love your site and completely agree with you on so many things, but I must say that this entry did a terrible disservice to the nursing profession. Although it may be true that you have come in contact with many nurses not doing their jobs, I hope people keep in mind that  many many nurses aren\’t standing around gossiping and ignoring patients.  Maybe I am just way too sensitive but I know that the nursing profession receives a lot of bad publicity and it is really important for us to stick together and tell people about all the positive things that nurses do..not the  negatives.

  5. Congrats Katie! I am so glad you enjoyed your time in the ED. Otherone comes into the fold!!!! Where else can you see a disecting aortic anyurism and splinter in the finger all in one night.

  6. I can\’t comment too much on what nurses do or don\’t do.  In general, my limited contact with nurses has been positive.  I do disagree that you need to \’stick together\’ and give us only the positives.   Its your blog… if you want to tell it like it is… then tell it like it is.  You think that those of us out there with half a brain can\’t figure out that some nurses are bad and some are good?  I mean… really…
    Btw, I am glad that you think you found your niche in nursing!

  7. KATIE!
    I am so happy for you….That is awesome that you were able to shadow in the ER. I bet it must be a big relief to finally have found something your gonna like.

  8. Hi Katie!  I\’ve been reading your blog for some time now and I love it!  You do a great job in preparing the rest of us for clinicals!  I just got my acceptance letter and I start my clinicals in August…I\’m scared to death…is this normal – did you have any of this going on or were you just excited about it?!

  9. I\’m glad for your experience in the ER!  I had the opposite one.   Nurses were not interested in showing students anything.  So many of them were bitter about having to help the drug addicts and choronically ill people ("the frequent fliers"). 
    When they expressed anything positive to me it was gratitute that they didn\’t have to be on the floor as besdside nurses being "ass janitors and pill dispensers."  There was noo empathy in the ER where I went.  I guess it really depends on the place.

  10. Hey No Name – looks like you\’re in for a HUGE reality check.  I\’d be interested to find what you learned about some Nurses after you start working.  TRUE…most Nurses were born to care for people and are like God\’s Angels.  BUT also true…there are Nurses that care about a big fat paycheck…period.  If you don\’t come across at least one Nurse that behaves like this, I\’d like to know which planet you live on.  Congratulations for Graduating. Good Luck in the Real World.

  11. Katie,
    That is wonderful.  I want to hear all about what you got to see and where you went.  I got to go to the ER 1 day when we were on our 1st Med-Surg rotation and I thought it was great.  I was able to start a catheter (1st one) and start 2-3 IV\’s.  They also had a MVA trauma while I was there and seeing ER in real life was fascinating (esp. seeing what happens when those codes are called).  I really liked it except my heart is called to work with babies.  I can\’t really explain it.  However, in the future I could definitely see myself moving over to the ER if I am looking for a change, esp. if it is Peds ER.  🙂

  12. Hey Katie, I am just backtracking through your blog to get to know you a little better, and I have to say that reading your blog is like reading my own, I feel exactly the same way about ward nursing and love ED nursing, cant wait to start at our local ed at the end of Jan.  I too passed on the honor society thingy I checked around at our Uni and most of the people I respected hadnt even heard of it, and the fact that the official transcript is an indication of hard work and success I figured the honor society could survive without me in it.  Anyway love your blog
    Emma (

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