Your ID please

Many people are flattered when they are asked for their ID while buying alcohol or trying to enter a bar. But is it flattering to be asked for your ID while purchasing glue from the hardware store? I guess Mike and I make a great couple- he has trouble convincing the cashier that he’s old enough to purchase glue, and I constantly get asked what high school I go to. 

10 thoughts on “Your ID please

  1. Oh my that\’s funny! You do look very young!  That stopped a long time ago for me, but I still get "may I speak to your mommy or daddy" when someone calls my house.  It works out great if its a solicitor.   Isn\’t it so sad that now practically everything is ID\’d thanks to addictions?  Oh what is this world coming to???  I have to tell you that I start pharmacology & dosage calculations this summer along with the nursing assistance classes!  I\’m so excited, but so scared!!!!!  Anyhow, I stopped in to find all the great websites that you have talked about in the past so I can get some crash studying done.  So off I go!!!  Have a great weekend and THANKS for everything!!!
    Eve 😉

  2. [lmao] OMG! That was funny! I have NEVER heard of anyone ever being carded for buying glue! I remember one time a few years ago I was chatting with a friend while we waited in line and this guy turned around and shouted at my "OH MY GOD! YOU SOUND LIKE YOU SHOULD BE THIS TALL!" and he has his hand by his waist! Needless to say I was NOT impressed.  So now when ever I go out and risk being carded I try to not speek too much! [LOL]Cheers!

  3. HAHA! That\’s hilarious!  Our daughters are also asked all the time what high school they go to.  They get so mad.  I just laugh.  They will thank me later for those great genes! 

  4. HAPPY ST. PATRICK\’S DAY!  Catch a Celtic band somewhere tonight if you can!  They are everywhere today and great to listen to!

  5. I would be on cloud nine for days if I got carded for anything. 
    Maybe I should try buying glue since I don\’t smoke or drink. 
    That\’s had no idea there was an age requirement to buy glue.. Have a
    great weekend Katie..

  6. Katie,
    I get the same thing.  Being twenty-six, having graduated undergraduate and graduate school and now starting on my second career, I know people still look at me and wonder if i am old enough to drink.  grrrrrrrr.  i know most people would take it as a compliment but i find it extremely annoying.  why should my age matter.  i know plenty of 45 year olds who are less intelligent and less capable than i am. 
    anyway, sorry to rant about it.  but i know where you are coming from.  i have never been carded for buying glue though.  i guess they assume that if you are over 18 you will no longer use it to get high but only to build models. 

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