Siblings… gotta love them

I am a wonderful sister. I never realized how true this
statement is until swapping "how I tortured my younger sibling"
stories with a few friends. The worst thing I have ever done to my siblings was
that I tried to convince my brother Chris that a bowl filled with dirt was
actually crushed up Oreos. I even went as far as eating a tiny bit myself to
prove it to him. Unfortunately, that didn’t work, so the whole thing backfired
on me and I was the only one who ate any dirt.

One of my classmates has a younger sister who had severe asthma when she was a
child. My classmate would sneak up on her sister when she was sleeping and
cover her mouth and nose so she couldn’t breathe. The poor girl would wake up
in a complete panic, thinking she was dying from an asthma attack.

Another friend of mine hated her little brother. They went with their
mom to a crafts store, and my friend slipped a spool of thread in her brother’s
pocket. When they left the store, her brother pulled the thread out of his pocket
to see what it was. Their mom saw him with the "stolen" thread, and
made him go back inside to return it and apologize to the manager. My friend
enjoyed the whole scene, especially her brother getting into deeper trouble
when he refused to confess to his crime.

Now that I think about it, there was one awful thing I did to my
older brother, but it wasn’t exactly on purpose. We were in the van on a long road trip
and he suggested a game. I had a pencil and he had a pillow, and the game was
that I would try to stab him with the pencil while he blocked with the pillow.
Sounded like fun to me, so I stabbed him right in the arm (I truly thought he
would block it). The tip broke off the pencil into his arm, and he was crying
in pain. My poor mom had to pull the van over and when she saw the tip of the
pencil in his arm, she panicked and drove right to the ER (she didn’t want him to
get lead poisoning). It ends up that pencils aren’t made of lead, so he was ok,
and to keep me out of trouble, he told my mom that he had accidentally stabbed
himself while drawing. What a great brother!


10 thoughts on “Siblings… gotta love them

  1. hahahaha Oh Katie, I have a LOT of bad things that I used to do to my sister. Here\’s one. My cousin and I would want to go to the park to play but my sister always had to tag along. So to ditch her we\’d claim we were all going to play a game together, called hide and seek. Well guess who was it… poor sister of mine. We\’d run across the street and down the back lane and watch her yelling our names from about a block away and after 5 minutes of watching her try to find us, we\’d run off to the park!!! Of course when I got home, she was upset or crying and my parents would be very very mad… was it worth it? Back then oh heck ya!!!!!!! hahahahaaha…. Sorry sis… hahaha.. oooo the stories… :o)

  2. sheesh, you guys were WAY too nice to each other.  with six sisters, my lone bro was absolutely tortured the worst, and he STILL married.  Silly boy. 

  3. i used to make my little sister eat the juice from dandylion stems- told her it was mill
    also made her eat tree sap- told her it was syrup

  4. Wish I had a brother that was nice to me. Once my brother dropped me on my head on a gravel driveway. My head felt like a rotten mush mellon. Then a few yrs later he set my backside on fire. Thank god now we are friends.

  5. My younger brothers try to kill each other so I try to kill them both! My favorite memory had to be my bro Jon (now 19) and my youngest bro Adam (now 16) were goofing around with a paintball gun and it jammed. Adam got tired of waiting on Jon to clear it and started out the backdoor. As he did Jon aimed it at the back of his head (all of 2\’ away) and pulled the trigger expecting nothing to happen. Well the gun went off and the ball hit Adam in the back of the neck!!! There was green paint all over him and the molding around the back door. I felt bad for Adam cause i know it hurt but it took me a few mins to feel bad as I was too busy rolling around and trying not to pee myself…

  6. I am the underside of the spectrum, i was the one who was tortured……..i have two older brothers…..needless to say i am a very strong girl who can readly defend myself thanks to them. They used to tie me up w/ith ducttape to simulate a kidnapping with a video and all. needless to say i will never be kidnapped because i have honed those escape plans to a T.

  7. My little sister is 20 months younger than me – she was the baby girl of the family.  Got away with everything.  One day my big sister and I told her that she was adopted . . . and she believed us.  Mom had to spend the day finding baby pictures, baby book, etc.  Lil sis was 5th of 6 kids . . . there wasn\’t much baby stuff for her so it took Mom all day to convince her that she wasn\’t adopted.  We still tell her she was adopted.
    All that changed though when my brother was born.  He was the baby of the family and the only boy.  Really got away with murder and tormented us girls to no end!!!
    We get along great now . . . love em all to pieces. 

  8. My aunt told me that my dad used to practice his "casting" on her…He would make her stand at one end of the driveway and he would cast his fishing pole from the other end and ry to hook her…after the first time he hooked her, my grandparents put a stop to that!

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