Don’t try this at home

**I am in no way encouraging or condoning this type of

Mike is good friends with an architect named Adam. Adam is a
smart and friendly guy, but he is still a crazy jock at heart.
About a year ago, Adam was out drinking with a group of friends. He was talking
to a woman and somehow they began discussing which gender has the highest
tolerance for pain. They both thought their own gender was superior, so the
woman suggested a contest to see who was right. There was a candle on their
table, so she suggested that they see who could hold their hand over the flame
the longest. She told Adam to go first. Adam held his hand over the flame,
actually watching the fire come up between his fingers, for "four Mississippi."
After he went, he looked at his hand and it was charred a little bit. Now it
was the woman’s turn. She held her hand over the flame for "one Mississi"
and pulled it back. "Ouch! That hurts, I’m not doing this!" she said.
Adam was proud of himself for winning. Five visits with a burn specialist
later, he was able to tie his shoes again. When he told me this story last
night, I asked him if he had learned any important lessons. His response?
"Yea, never be the person to go first." He is still proud that
he won the "highest tolerance for pain" contest. I acknowledge that
he won, but disagree with him on what exactly he won. I think the appropriate
title of their contest should have been, "Who is the biggest idiot?"


10 thoughts on “Don’t try this at home

  1. BINGO!
    It is pretty funny that the "next time" he said he will go second.  Glad he learned his lesson lol!!

  2. I read in Newsweek recently that young boys run all of their actions through one question before acting–"Will this make me look weak?"
    I don\’t think us boys ever get over it.

  3. I think Chris from "Diary of a Fatman" said it best.  You know that men are morons.  Some of us grow out of it… and some dont.

  4. That\’s better than holding a  lit cigarette between two people\’s forearms…Yep, I know people who have done this…IDIOTS!

  5. Yea that was pretty stupid..but in the backwoods (boonedocks) macho rednecks play a game called chicken..its where you light a cigarette and two guys put their arms side by side…and lay this cig in the crease of the two arms..who ever pulls away first is less macho……need i pour more sarcasm on how smart that is?

  6. i do agree with u.The health is of course more important than the "highest tolerance for pain"~
    as we often says in China:"our body was given by our parents,so we should treasure it."

  7. Is that why my son is proud of bending his finger backwards to the point of making Mom faint?  Good God.  Sometimes they don\’t even need alcohol. *sheesh*

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