Three months?

I think there are things growing in Mike’s refrigerator that
even a microbiologist would be unable to identify. I found an opened bag of
cheese that smelled and looked disgusting, and asked Mike how old it was. "Only about
three months," he replied, thinking he was proving some point. I looked at
the back of the bag and it said, "Use within three days of opening."
Hmm… three days, three months, same thing, right? BOYS!!!


3 thoughts on “Three months?

  1. OMGAWD! Ewww. How he managed to not pass out whenever he opened the fridge is beyond me because it had to of STUNK.

  2. Eeewww…I definitely remember having to go through our fridge when I had roommates and play the "What do you think this was" game.

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