Cooking tip

I learned something important about cooking today. When the
instructions say to broil the food in the oven, this means you are
supposed to leave the oven door open a crack when the food is in there. Well,
at least we know the smoke alarms work!

16 thoughts on “Cooking tip

  1. *laugh* Broil doesn\’t make leave the oven door open… it means "watch the food VERY CAREFULLY"  it can go from 0 to crisp faster than you can blink.

  2. WHAT????????????????
    Sometimes I get fed-up when I am trying to make air fries and turn em on broil and if I don\’t watch em carefully the smoke comes pouring out.  And now you tell me this lil secret???
    Hope all is well!  How is school?  I can\’t wait for Spring Break in 1 week! YAY!  And I find out about the RN program when we return from Break – so wish me luck!
    TTFN!Rowan& Scout

  3. Hey! That\’s how I found out too why my kitchen filled with smoke when I broiled my poor, succulent, charred ribs with the oven door closed! My oven door is designed to stay open at a certain point when I broil.  Here\’s another tip: You can\’t fry with margarine, it burns too quickly…unless it\’s 99% Vegetable Oil, then it will work! :0D

  4. Ha ha ha.  I had a visit from the local fire department once due to my cooking.  They came in dressed like it was a three alarm fire for my little turkey that was smokin away!  They got a kick out of it.  Thanks for visiting my site ("jaden\’s room"). I linked from my site for my grandson who lives on the coast. Real interesting read there!  Just started this one up and I\’m a total newbie.  Sorry I can\’t give you many cooking tips, not my thang, as my children will attest too. haha.

  5. I\’ve always wondered what "broil" means.  I feel like there\’s too much guesswork to cooking, even when you follow a recipe exactly.  My chocolate chip cookies always come out rock solid when I leave them in as long as the recipe says.  Cooking will be a prerequisite for any roommate I ever have.

  6. Yea, I learnt that one the hard way too.  There should be warning labels when things say "broil" lol.  Well, atleast you wont make that mistake again!

  7. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? to broil means to leave the oven door open a crack??? HUH? This i did not know… WOW!!! You learn something new everyday…!! Thanks Katie.

  8. Katie, you are hilarious!  I didn\’t know about leaving the door opened!  I agree with Billie\’s comment, whatever you are broiling, it broils faster than you can say ketchup…don\’t ask me where that came from!!!  Hope your cooking class (I\’m assuming this) goes better!

  9. Is THAT why our smoke alarms have been going off…  Seriously!  We made tater tots and wanted the added crispiness (package wording, not mine… lol) and so we broiled… You learn something new every day!!!  😀

  10. Well that is something I have never heard of! Makes sense though….HMMPH! Gonna have to try that! Thanks for the tip!
    Hope your having a good week. Have a wonderful spring break and enjoy your time with your guy!

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