Give it as well as take it

My favorite patients are the ones who like to joke around. They make
fun of me, and love it when I can throw it right back at them. My
patient last week was an elderly woman who was constantly giving me a
hard time. During her bath, she started yelling that the water was too
cold. So I apologized, grabbed the bucket of water, and said, "I’ll be
back in a few minutes." She asked where I was going, and I said I was
getting more ice to put in the water. She laughed like I had told her
the best joke she had ever heard. The first time I had to give her an
insulin shot, she told me that if it hurt, she was going to shove her
foot somewhere unpleasant. I reminded her who was holding the needle,
and we had a good laugh. This is when her doctor came in the room to do
a quick evaluation of her. I gave her the shot (insulin needles are
really tiny), and she screamed "OWWWWWW, my six year old great
grandbaby gives better shots than you!!" The doctor gave me a look like
I was an idiot (I’m getting used to those looks lately), finished what
he was doing, and left. "Did you even feel that shot?" I asked her. She
started laughing and said, "Nope!"  I guess she won this round…

10 thoughts on “Give it as well as take it

  1. Sounds like you are doing really great! PLEASE Katie, get a positon near me!! If I need a nurse, I want it to be you!!!

  2. I love elderly people who have a great sense of humor. My grandparents are going to be one of those patients you just told us about. Love it!

  3. I look forward to having patients like that when i finally start in clinicals.  they brighten your day and make everything more positive. 🙂
    Desert Imaging

  4. I\’m in nursing school. I am currently reading the cardiovascular system and respiratory system for an upcoming test. We have 13 chapters to KNOW before this test. By the way, we are homeschooling ourselves because the teachers are only with us for a certain amount of hours. I am so confused that I\’m wondering where the heart is even located. I found myself wondering what the heck congestive heart failure was! This is too much information. I am wondering if I can survive. I need a break – perhaps a cruise? I wish I could be in an accelerated program because I think I might get more clinical time and less book work. Is that the case? I think I\’d learn more from doing. I\’m airing my frustrations at this time. Thanks.

  5. Hi Priscilla,
    Sorry you are frustrated with school, I understand exactly what you are
    going through. Being in an accelerated program does not mean we get
    more clinical time, it just means we get thrown out into clinicals
    without much practice before hand. We also have to teach ourselves
    everything, which is really frustrating. I have learned that
    is my best instructor- anything I need to learn, I type it in google.
    For example, just type      define: congestive heart
    failure    and it will bring up specific definitions. If
    one definition makes more sense, click on that link and look at the
    actual site it came from.  Good luck!!!

  6. What a cool old lady! When I used to work at the grocery store, I got all sorts of old folks through my line. I used to think that as people aged they got grouchier, but now I think that people carry their basic personality with them their whole life. Only younger people are better at hiding their grumpiness. Old folks figure, what the heck, I\’ve been around long enough, I\’m going to let it all hang out.
    Your fun patients were probably playful and fun when they were young.

  7. I also have a feeling that older patients with nurses like you – just have MORE fun in the hospital. Do you find that the older they are the feel safer in your hands than at home alone?

  8. I think those would be MY favorite patients, too!  Do you realize how far you\’ve come since you started the nursing program?  😀  You\’re doing so great!  😀

  9. It sounds like you will have a wonderfull career ahead for you.  I just retired from nursing after  36 years, 34 spent in an Emergency Room, humor and laughter are one of the greatest qualities a nurse can have.  Soon you will realize that you are touching lives in ways you never dreamed of.  Oh there will be days that you will say, this is not for me, but they are few and far between, nothing will make your heart swell as when a patient thanks you for being there for them in there time of need.  Don\’t worry about the grouchy ones., they are just scared with what they are going through.  I will give you a small piece of advice, take time for yourself once you begin working, this will help prevent burnout.  E mail me if I can be of any help as you pursue this rewarding profession

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