My turn as the patient

I went to see my doctor today about all of my strange symptoms (hand tremor, visual auras, ringing in ears), and I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I don’t have a brain tumor. The bad news is that I do have carpal tunnel. I know this is strange to say, but I was actually a little relieved when he diagnosed me with carpal tunnel because it explains a lot. I no longer feel like a wimp for not being able to take the lids off things, and will not panic every time my hand starts to spasm. Best of all, I get to wear a cool, stylish wrist brace to bed at night.




7 thoughts on “My turn as the patient

  1. OOOOOOooooooh, AAAAHHHHHhhhhhhhh, stylish wrist brace–  How do you think you managed to get carpal tunnel?  I\’ve always associated it with keyboard use…   🙂
    Can you believe the hits we\’re getting?  It blows my mind… in two different ways… first the sheer numbers of visitors, and then that only a handful ever comment.  :S  According to the 2nd blog stats source, half of the visitors are new and the other half are returning.  So why wouldn\’t they comment??  lol

  2. SM: I try to comment as much as i can but sometimes i just like to read!! :o) Just like my morning paper, i don\’t call the journalists and comment…!! But Katie… she\’s special so I give in once in a while.. hahahaha …. top o\’ tha katie to ya!! or KatiePress.. lol… i\’m done now. 😉
    ok i\’m a nerd and it\’s late in the day on a friday no less…
    isn\’t it last day katie?? yaaaaaay!! carpal tunnel hurts…  i\’ve had it a few times… computer tekkies…hahahaha ok i\’m really done now.

  3. Ouch!  I worked for a neurologist and saw many patients with CTS and many worked typed alot.  I hope this doesn\’t mean you\’ll slow down on your blogs…I would be oh so sad ;-(
    Anyway, I hope your wrist feels better!  Is it one or both?  Have a great weekend!

  4. I had to wear the stylish brace for @ 6 month, the the CTS went away. That was 12 years ago. It hasn\’t – knock on wood ( visualize me hitting my head ) – returned. Good luck!!

  5. Beware those braces – if you have small hands and it doesn\’t fit right they can be a nightmare. I had CTR done when I was 22. If I could go back I might have been more careful to come back \’slowly\’ after the surgery. I have scar tissue build-up that sometimes has the same effect on my hand now – soo boo on me.  I hope the brace works for you!

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