The Thank you

Over the last two weeks, I have started losing confidence in my ability to be a good nurse. I was hoping today would be a wonderful day and I would snap out of it, but unfortunately, today was nothing special. Although I didn’t feel like an idiot the entire day, I didn’t feel much like a success either. When I got home from clinicals, there was a card in the mail for me. I opened it, and it was a thank you letter from a patient I had a few weeks ago. She was an adorable elderly woman who I had a wonderful time working with. In her card, she thanked me for being such a great, loving nurse, and said she missed seeing me everyday. Awww… my first thank you card from a patient!!! She probably has no idea how much her card meant to me, especially near the end of a week like this one. This has helped me remember why I want to be a nurse- it’s not to impress any clinical instructors or feel great about myself at the end of the day- it’s to be there for these wonderful people who need love and attention, and to make THEM feel better. As my wonderful friend and classmate John would say, "It’s not about you, it’s about the patients" And although I hate to admit it, I think John is completely right. But don’t tell him I said that.

10 thoughts on “The Thank you

  1. There is no denying….there will be days that you will question why you
    decided to be a Nurse.  And then, there will be days that the answer will
    be so clear to you.  Either way Katie…you\’ll be ok because YOU GET
    IT.  it\’s not about the HIGH PAY, the HEALTH BENEFITS, the INCREDIBLE
    EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES. It\’s about making a difference in your
    patient\’s life.  it\’s about nursing them to health. it\’s about a fellow
    human being.  That card…it\’s all the proof you need to assure you
    that you are in the right profession! :0)

  2. I am also a fellow nursing students and I\’ve had many days when I sit and wonder if I picked the right field to go into.  Then I have clinicals and I remember why.  The patients truely do make my day.  It truely is all about them.  I love taking care of my patients and helping them to get better.  They have the most wonderful stories to tell you about "the good old days", that make you just smile.  I also understand about having instructors that drill you until there is no tomorrow.  I have one of those instructors and I am truely afraid of her.  I try my best and she always catches me with something I was not prepared for.  But let me tell you, this past week she finally gave me a compliment and  I couldn\’t believe what she told me.  Hang in there, it all pays off at the end.  I love reading your experiences because I know I am not alone.  You have given me hope when I wanted to give up.  Thank you.

  3. You will be a wonderful nurse when your said and done with school!! Your caring and compassionate and that is i think 50% of what\’s needed to be a nurse, the other 50 goes to knowing how to be a nurse! You got skills girl work it.
    I understand your earlier blog. It\’s almost like you don\’t feel your fitting a group that you want to fit it but don\’t like, if that makes sense? Kinda like you want her to like you but you don\’t because you don\’t really like her but you do??? hahahahahahaha i\’m confused now!
    Take care Katie….. and for all those that can\’t thank you for being their student nurse…. thanks for making them feel special!!!

  4. I haven\’t been a patient – but you even took time out of your day to answer a stranger\’s medical question. You rock – sweep it under the rug – keep truckin\’ 🙂

  5. Sometimes the \’thank yous" are few and far between.My reward is that smile or knowing that you bring comfort to the world.I have never looked farther than my patients for my rewards. Management will not recognize you. Your peers will sometimes notice. Your family will occasionally remember what you do everyday. Your patient will always be the one to know that you care and are there for them.However, the written thank you, the cards, the "gifts" we\’re not supposed to accept , and the gratitude expressed in the media can not be counted on. You have to keep telling yourself that you are doing something good and you are making a difference in people\’s lives.
      The card you received was a blessing in disguise to let you know…Don\’t give up the world needs you!!
                                           Nurse Bill

  6. Thumbs up to u! U r going to get more of those thank you cards throughout ur career life;) Ppl need more of nurses like u…

  7. Oh, your words ring true in the ears of a foster parent.  At the end of a hard day you are not there to impress the case worker, the casa worker, the director at the agency or the biological parents.  You do the job to provide love and a safe home for the children who are in your care.  The thank you\’s are few and far between, but my husband and I like to think that 10 – 15 years down the road the children who come in and out of our home will remember a Mr. Chris and Ms. Nessa who cared for them and showered them with love and attention.  There may be only a few in their life that will, but we will be on that list and that is all that matters to that little child.
    Take it from someone who hates medical procedures, doctor\’s offices and most definitely – hospitals.  We need caring people like you to calm our fears and make us feel better during a very scary time.  You are making a difference.  Keep it up!!

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