My boyfriend, the killer

Mike confessed something awful to me tonight, and I don’t know how to handle it. Should I leave him? Should I report him to the proper authorities? I am so upset that it is almost hard to write about what happened…..  he killed all but one of my plants. I know, it is hard to believe that someone could do such a thing, but that’s what he did. Taking care of my plants was his one big job while I was away and he failed. He was "trying" to be nice to them by putting them out on the balcony to enjoy some sun. I guess he somehow thought they would enjoy the freezing temperatures and harsh winds too? How could you do this to me Mike? Well, there is only one way to replace the new hole in my heart- we need another cat. 🙂  The funny thing is that he just now told me about the plants, and acted like it just recently happened. I will be in Dallas on Friday for spring break. I wonder how long ago they actually died, and if he has just been putting off telling me, but is now forced to since I will be in town soon. I bet he even tried to find replacement plants so he could hide his awful crime. LOL… gotta give him credit for trying!



9 thoughts on “My boyfriend, the killer

  1. Oh you poor thing. My ex husband killed my houseplants once. I\’m not saying that that was the sole reason for out divorce, but it was a big part of it. I had over 50 houseplants and I was only able to salvage maybe 5… he didn\’t even put them outside… he just didn\’t water them right.
    My husband now has a green thumb (most of the time) and I can trust him to care for the plants if I ever am away. One of the many reasons I married him… lol

  2. I\’ll confess that I\’m a plant killer–Scooter\’s Daddy won\’t let me anywhere near our plants!  All I get to do is move them temporarily to sweep and mop around them and THAT\’S IT.  I just killed a lucky bamboo plant.  A lucky bamboo plant, for crying out loud!  I think those are supposed to be indestructible!!  lol

  3. You need to call the CSI Miami team to figure out the exact cause of death… I am sure that super hot Horatio would swing by your place and take off his glasses and say a catchy line just before they cut to commercial……. which is good because you could inject him with something or else let him smell your home brew ether and maybe the world would be saved by him not coming back after the commercial…oh.. if they do show up, send the Blonde one up my way… I think I have something relevant to the case she should come and investigate…..

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