It’s a Friday afternoon, and I am faced with a difficult decision:
    Study for my huge final       ~or~   Relax and watch TV


Winner: TV!! Was there really ever a doubt? 😉


13 thoughts on “Choices

  1. just stumbled across this blog, i am a relatively new nurse, i have had my license almost 2 years, so i remember nursing school well..just wanted to thank you for the laughs, also thinking about the crazy night i had last night at work involving ants in a patients room. i swear  forget ER if a camera really could follow us around and see what we see it would be top rated show! i\’m a medical nurse, and now a fan of yours! seriously making me consider a confessions of an rn blog.

  2. TV every time. Or blog instead of writing thesis if it were me at the wheel.
    Question for you when you have time:
    Does it matter how you give someone a shot to if it will \’swell\’ get a hard spot? My infant son just got his 6 month shots with no swelling issues like the first two times. The only visual difference is the nurse who gave him the shots (and the way it was done)? The other difference is that he didn\’t have to get another polio booster…but I didn\’t think that was it because both spots swelled last time and I know they don\’t split a vaccine into two for one administration.
    Right – now I am laughing at myself because I am asking a poor hapless blogger to answer a nursing/medical question when this is probably her \’relax\’ time. Sorry!! LOL Feel free to ignore the question 🙂

  3. Katie, Thanks so much for you kind words on my last comment!
    On another note, If u have time and you dont mind…I\’ve got a question: how do you get pictures on the middle of your blog entries?  I tried to do that before and it wouldnt work :o( 

  4. Katie, thanks so much for your help!  It totally worked!  And now I know how to do that for future entries…Woot Woot!  You\’re super awesome!

  5. I\’d study for my final chic  !!!   You have TV for the rest of you\’re life, espically when you\’re over 50 years old….  be cool… take care.. be safe.. later…

  6. Katie, you\’re not the only one who chose TV over studying for finals….only I\’m the one who really should be studying!!!!  What did you watch?  I caught up on all my recorded Oprahs, ER, Criminal minds, and Greys Anatomy.  Hee hee, the way I look at it, I was studying!!!  LOL
    Have a great weekend and good luck on your finals, I have all the confidence that you will do well!

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