Different paths

Sometimes in life we have to choose which path to take. One path is
usually the right way, and the other leads you on a painful journey. We
always hope we make the right decision, but sometimes we fail. Today
was Isis’s day to make the bad decision.

       Path 1:  (stairs)                                   Path 2:  (free fall)

Can you guess which path Isis took today?
My little brother sent me an instant message that said, "Katie, your
cat jumped off the loft." I know Isis is not that stupid, so I thought
Michael was just kidding. A few seconds later, another message, "I
think she hit the door on the way down." Just in case he wasn’t
kidding, I ran downstairs and saw Isis sitting on the floor, looking
very confused. The hallway door was half closed, so my wonderful cat
had indeed hit the door on her shortcut downstairs. She seems ok, but I
hope she learned that jumping off the loft onto a tile floor is not the
wisest path to take!


11 thoughts on “Different paths

  1. ya know, she might\’ve been trying to jump onto the top of the door, so that from there she could jump onto the floor. And then (oops!) the door moved when she landed on it. Who knows? Cats are great for entertainment, eh? =)

  2. Hey!  My cat did that once!  He likes to walk on the outside of the railing and one night we heard a scritch, scratch, thwack!  And found the cat sitting on the ground in the hallway looking like nothing had happened.  Hee.

  3. Wow, wonder what lead Isis to her decision???  I like "heymelodija\’s" conclusion…too bad Isis can\’t tell you what was going on in her mind.  LOL, glad to hear she wasn\’ injured.

  4. POOR ISIS!  Did she lose her balance or what?  Scooter loves kitties–did I tell you that?  Kitties DO NOT like Scooter…  🙂

  5. The door must have caused her to not land on her feet. Poor Isis. I work with a gal who\’s little kitty WILLINGLY will jump off their loft like space in her house too. Cats, very strange, but so cute.

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