Clinical instructors

The best things your new clinical instructor can say to you:
1. I understand where you guys are coming from right now. I didn’t graduate that long ago, so I remember how scary this really is.
2. I won’t let you hurt a patient. I will never make you do anything you aren’t comfortable doing without me right there guiding you every step of the way.
3. When you are doing something for the first time, if you are doing it wrong, I will stop you right away and we can go over the correct method. I will not wait until you are right about to mess up and then shout and startle you.
4. After clinicals, go home and rest! I’d rather have you well rested and ready to work tomorrow than have you do concept maps (yay!!!).
5. I will never sit and do crossword puzzles or read a book. I will always be with one of my students.

The worst thing a clinical instructor who has said #1-5 can say to her students:
1. I will only be working with you for two weeks.   😦

As I think you can tell, our new clinical instructor, Rebecca, is wonderful. I have liked all my instructors (they have been nice people), but Rebecca seems to completely understand us and has her priorities straight (no concept maps)!!!!


11 thoughts on “Clinical instructors

  1. I\’m not a nursing student, but from the perspective of a patient, I would be very nervous if a student was doing a procedure on me while her instructor read a book or did a crossword.  Just thought I\’d throw that out there.

  2. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwww
    I\’d be doing a happy nurse dance if i was you for the next two weeks… hey wait. It\’s kinda like a vacation… you know it\’s the best for the first week and a half till there\’s like 3 days left and you know it\’s ending, that\’s it!!
    Enjoy girl!!!

  3. Only two weeks?! Why is it that the great instructors leave early, and the cruddy ones stick around forever? Bah!
    At least you\’ll have a great couple of weeks on your clinicals! 🙂

  4. Don\’t you wish there were more instructors like that? Ahh – the gaps of communication (no matter where you work/learn) are such a challenge!!

  5. WHAT AN AMAZING TEACHER!  But for only two weeks?  Such a crime!!!
    We\’ve been married for 2-1/2 years.  😀  If there is anything like "soulmates," this is it.  🙂  We definitely have had a few rough spots, but I know they\’re just growing pains and we get over them quickly enough…. As long as he remembers to put his laundry away!!  lol

  6. Its so great when you meet those few great teachers out there.  The type who make you feel so comfortable and confident but still are able to teach you things you didnt know.  Its a shame that they are usually few and far between.  Its too bad you wont have more time with this new instructor. 
    If i were you I would make sure she knows that you appreciated her help and that you think she is a great teacher.  This will motivate her to continue to be a clinical instructor and hopefully help other future nurses just like you. 🙂 
    I hope clinicals are going well so far.  I read the post about the rebellious suppository.  I am glad you shared.  I thought it was relevant and not at all inappropriate.  Keep those funny stories coming! 
    Good luck this week.

  7. Just appreciate the few weeks you have with this wonderful clinical instructer!!! You are the luckiest nursing student for at least a few weeks anyways!!

  8. Yikes, 2 weeks!  Why is a good instructor so hard to get yet the not-so-nice and helpful ones just around the corner?  I start my nursing assistant (a requirment now, yuck), dosage calculations, and pharmacology in May.  I\’m scared!!!!  Then I get to enter the \’real" world this fall.  I PRAY that I get the good instructors otherwise, my poor patients!!! 😉

  9. I was reading over your old blogs trying to get a feel for what you felt 6 months into the program.  Rebecca is the bomb.  I had her for half of my Adult health I clinical as well as Connie (who is an awesome clinical instructor too). 

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