Importance of gloves

This lesson is courtesy of Natalie:
When dealing with an infant with Rotavirus, even if your only job is holding the baby down so another nurse can change his diaper, WEAR GLOVES!!!


4 thoughts on “Importance of gloves

  1. Excellent advice.  I never knew the seriousness of this illness, thanks!
    PS….I LOVE the cartoon illustrations!  Gotta love Kenny!!!!!

  2. Ooooooooh, yuck!  Dark green?  I\’m going to go wash my hands… AGAIN.  😀
    By the way–I love that you\’ve been commenting on my site again, but I can almost tangibly feel the stress…  I know you\’re busy, and I don\’t expect you to comment!  😀  lol  Looking back, I realize that leaving that comment asking YOU to comment on the doctor blog wasn\’t because I was demanding a return to commenting (although I have missed you) it was a what\’s your professional advice request.  😀
    So go study already!  🙂  We\’ll have plenty of time to chat once you\’re graduated.  Only your blog\’ll have to become "Confessions of a Real, Graduated Nurse."  😀

  3. Katie,
    I\’ve been meaning to stop by personally and thank you for the the wonderful posts on my blog.  Your mom was an RSM???  Wow!  I feel like I know you!!!  You are such a blessed woman to have such a great family.  God Bless the Sisters of Mercy and their families. 😉
    Coincidentally, my daughter was hospitalized with Rotovirus as a preschooler.  It was a terrible experience.  She was quarantined in a room of her own, and we watched movies until she was hydrated via IV again.  You are a true saint to be able to care for children with this virus… I cried many tears.
    Please visit again, k?  I need all the Saints I can get!

  4. Wow, I feel sorry for your friend.  I think my wife may have had the rotavirus a few weeks ago.  She certainly had the symptoms 😦   I hope your friend is better by now. 
    As my instructor says "If it\’s wet and not yours, wear gloves."
    Take care,

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