Ads gone wild

Have you noticed that a lot of websites have ads that actually relate to the content you are reading about? If you do a google search on nursing care plans, when you go to one of the websites, there might be an ad or two for nursing schools. This is a clever idea, but sometimes it doesn’t go as planned. I was just reading a news story about undercover police officers in Virginia being told to go to massage parlors where prostitution is going on and to do "whatever it takes" to get a conviction. I won’t go into much detail here, but it does involve needing to pay for some services. Right in the middle of this article on massage parlor prostitution was a large ad for a massage school. Hmm…. I think I’ll pass on that one.

6 thoughts on “Ads gone wild

  1. ive ttly noticed that. for school i had to research the cacao tree, which makes chocolate (yumm), neway, i was researching it and how its found in central/southern america, the east/west indies, and west africa, and i typed in the cacao tree in west africa and that weird ad popped up for the powerful effects of chocolate and AIDS in west africa!!!!! (also how i could help)….very smart to write abt this

  2. lol that\’s too funny. But going to far as to do whatever it takes, I think that\’s just plain wrong. Sounds like to me someone is trying to get some "benefits" while working and making it look innocent!

  3. Haha – sounds like there should have been an add for a vaccine that treats stupidity instead.  Sometimes people just don\’t think – lol.

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