In the hospital, constipation is very common. People’s
routines are thrown out of whack, they aren’t walking around enough, they are
too uncomfortable doing certain things while sitting on a bedside commode with their roommate just a few feet away… whatever the
reason, it seems like a good portion of our patients go through this
uncomfortable event. I am always surprised by the creative solutions my
patients come up with to cure their problem: my guy several months ago
requested a stick of dynamite, and recently, a woman asked for a poop-C-section.
Those were funny, but the patients were outgoing so it didn’t shock me when
they said these things. However, a few weeks ago, I was taking care of this
adorable elderly woman who had been constipated for several days. I gave her a
suppository and it didn’t seem to be working. While giving her the medicine, I
could tell that she was ready to go, it just wasn’t coming out yet. I explained
this problem to her, and even drew a beautiful picture of the intestines to
describe what I was talking about, including an arrow indicating where her BM
was waiting. After going over everything, she nodded her head and said,
"Ah… I see what’s going on. It’s just waiting to be welcomed."
"Welcomed?," I asked. She replied, "Well yes, of course, we need
to draw some welcome signs and invite it to come on out!"  On the back of my drawing of the intestines, I wrote "Welcome!" and gave the paper to the woman. I left the room and shortly later, her call light was on. She had to go, NOW! I guess it truly was just waiting to be invited (how polite)! I know, you are probably thinking, "The suppository finally started working." You might have a point, but life is much more bearable in a hospital when you use your imagination. I think I’ll bring her some markers tomorrow so she can make a pretty sign so this doesn’t happen again! And maybe we can work on a "Stay out" sign for the bacteria in her lungs….


6 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. haha! That\’s so funny! I used to volunteer in a hospital, and I must say that the elderly patients were my favorite! They have such great ways of viewing things, eh? =)

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