Elevator: 2; Katie & Rachel: 0

A few months ago, I made fun of one of my classmates for having issues with the elevator at our school. Now it’s her turn to laugh at me. Yesterday I got onto the elevator to go to the first floor. I pushed "1" and the light on the button came on, but immediately turned off. I must not have pushed it hard enough. So I pushed it again, but the same thing happened. Ok, I bet it really worked the first time, but by pushing it that second time, I actually turned it off. So I pushed it a third time, only to get the same result. The doors closed and I was standing there by myself but the elevator wasn’t moving. I just started hitting "1" over and over, still nothing was happening. Being the intelligent person I am, I concluded that something was wrong with the button. Thankfully, there is another set of buttons on the back of the elevator, so I went over to those and went through these same steps. Frustrated and embarrassed, I looked around to see if there was some sort of hidden camera. That’s when I saw the huge yellow sign that said, "Due to construction, this elevator does not stop on the first floor." Ahh… that would have been nice to know before getting on the elevator! I hit the ‘door open’ button and stepped off the elevator. When the doors closed, I looked back and was surprised to see another huge yellow sign relaying the same "does not stop on the first floor" message. Rachel, one of these days we will figure out how to use elevators!! 😉

9 thoughts on “Elevator: 2; Katie & Rachel: 0

  1. Sooo funny!  I had a similar incident today!  I was delivering flowers to the father of my daughter\’s teacher who is in the hospital and because I used to work there (i guess) I figured that the elevator would remember me and automatically read my mind and take me to the floor where he was.  So I walked into the elevator and waited.  The doors closed…..I smelled the beautiful arrangement of flowers and smiled at the card that the children signed….waiting….geeze…..taking a long long time to get to the 10th floor.  Suddenly, the doors opened and a sweet gentleman got in and said "10th floor please" right as I was about to step out to the 10th floor….duh, I never hit the button!!!!  What a dork I am!!!!!  I guess the elevator didn\’t remember me!   Ha ha ha!
    Happy Valentine\’s Day by-the-way!

  2. Could the elevator issues be linked to sleep dep?  I am definitely a deprived one today and when I tried to use the elevator – I didn\’t even have the energy to push the button in all the way apparently. I could have sworn that this little mistake allowed me a \’standing five minute nap\’.

  3. I worked in a health care facility for 4 years–I know that it makes the job easier when you just use imagination 🙂
    I like reading your blog–its so entertaining 🙂
    Come visit me sometime!

  4. Very funny. I have one better than that. Recently my brother was in a horrible car accident and has been in an icu unit for over a month. My mom being sleep deprived and pretty frazzled, got in the elevator to go up to her apartment. She kept pressing the 1 button for some reason even tho she was suppossed to go to the 7th floor. The button kept going off and the elevator never moved.  She was alone and told us she eventually started crying because she thought the elevator was broken before she realized she was on the 1st floor and that\’s why it wasn\’t working.
    Cute blog. Have a great day.

  5. eheh! I really love this one! I actually have the habit of stepping off elevators at the wrong floor… once I realize it, the lift is gone, and I have to stand there like a dummy waiting for the next one!

  6. Too Funny!  This has happened to me at JcPenny.  Me, my sister and daughter get in the elevator and the doors stay open, so we press 2, and nothing, again..nothing, so we walk in and out for the motion sensor to sense us, nothing.. so we press 2..nothing.  We walked in and jumped, pressed 2 and VOIlLA up we went!!  Good thing no one was watching! 

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