Is that water?

Rachel and I learned an important lesson this week: always
put lids on everything. As I was walking down the hallway, I heard an elderly
woman calling for help. I went into her room and she asked me for a glass of
water. You are not allowed to give anyone anything unless you know they can
have it (even water can hurt someone), so I told her I would ask her nurse and
then come back. As I was leaving her room, I looked back at her and noticed she
was reaching for something. I paused to watch and saw her grab a bottle of baby
powder. "Is this water?" she asked me. "No," I replied,
"that’s powder." Before I had time to react, she tilted her head back
and brought the powder up to her mouth. She started shaking the bottle to get
the "water" into her mouth. Thankfully, the lid was closed, and no
powder came out. I ran over and took the bottle from her and put it out of her
reach. She got angry at me and started chewing on the oxygen tube running to
her nose. I took that out of her mouth and decided I needed backup. I looked
into the hallway and saw Rachel doing some charting, so I ran over and asked
her to watch the woman while I asked her nurse if I could give her
water. I found the nurse and was told I could give her a drink. When I walked
into the room the look I saw on Rachel’s face was priceless. She was standing
there in shock as the woman was licking the side of a stick of deodorant. Once
again, we were saved by someone remembering to put the lid back on. We ran over
and took the deodorant from her, and she shouted, “Don’t take my water!” I
brought her a glass of real water and sat with her for a few minutes. She kept
on telling me all about the %#!@ nurse who stole her water. Some days you just
can’t win!


5 thoughts on “Is that water?

  1. Oh my!  That is soooooo friggin funny!!!  Poor woman, maybe Skitzo or Isis came in and drank all her water, oh no, I forgot, Isis is too busy attacking your evil printer!!!  Baaa haa haa!  Your stories are soooo great!!!
    Have a great week!

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